When it comes to having airports, the USA has many. According to a 2018 report, there are 19,600 airports and facilities active in the USA. And around 300 of these are international airports. I know the figure is quite big. But not all international airports provide you with the same services and experiences. Some airports can make you feel heaven but also others which make you feel hell by the quality of their services. So if you are flying internationally, like taking direct flights to Poland from USA, then you need to know about the best airports.

1. The Portland International Airport

Portland International Airport has won many titles for providing the best services in the past years. The largest airport in the state of Oregon, Portland International Airport, is a joint civil-military airport. The airport is built upon 3000 acres of land and is big. The airport offers many direct flights to various parts of the world, such as direct flights to Poland from USA. It also offers many nonstop flights from USA to India and too many other countries around the globe.

Portland International Airport is a great service provider. It has a mini-movie theatre so you can enjoy a movie while waiting for your flight. The airport also offers many other services. These services include free wi-fi access, separate playing space for children, and various postal services. Since March 2020, the airport is undergoing a 5-year expansion project. Under which they are generating more space for the pre-security area.

2. The Denver International Airport

Denver International Airport is younger than many airports included in the list. It is the biggest airport in the USA. This airport is the primary base of the Frontier and the great lake airlines. And it serves United and Southwest airlines as a secondary hub. According to a 2018 report, Denver is the 15th busiest airport worldwide. Well, there are many reasons that make Denver attract this much crowd. And one of them is the bridge crossing the airport field. This bridge is unique and thus it grabs travelers’ attention easily.

Since 1995, its year of establishment, Denver has received many awards for its services. It considers creating the least pollution while serving the world through its services. The services that it provides travelers include TSA pre-check, global entry, mobile passports, airport dining, and free wi-fi.

3. The Tampa International Airport

Tampa has won many awards for its services including being the best airport in North America (in the size category) in 2019. Currently, the airport is serving non-stop flights to 93 destinations from North America. This makes it the 28th busiest airport in North America. Having a unique layout, the airport is encircled by runways and taxi stands.

Tampa International Airport provides many services to travelers. These services include free wi-fi, restaurants, bars, cafes (including Starbucks), and many charging points. Other than this, Tampa has a separate child playing area and it is pet friendly.

4. The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport 

Flying to about 37 destinations with nonstop or direct flights, Ted Stevens is a major airport in Alaska, USA. And many times it is referred to as the gateway of Alaska. The airport serves about 5 million travelers every year. The airport contains 16 retail outlets and storefronts making everything easily available here. It also has 12 restaurants, cafes, and food outlets, including McDonald’s and Starbucks, and 3 of these are 24 hours in service.

The airport is built over 4,612 acres of land and has a separate area for cargo shipping. Ten Stevens has 3 runways and is a busier airport.

5. The San Francisco International Airport

When it comes to airports, San Francisco International Airport follows a green and sustainable approach. It has received various awards for the same in past years. The San Francisco International Airport is the biggest in the San Francisco region. It is the second busiest airport in California, USA.

The airport provides many services that make it one of the best international airports in the USA. These services include free wi-fi, duty-free shopping, designated smoking areas, a video art room, and separate children playing areas. If you are traveling with children then San Francisco International Airport is the best choice for you.

6. The Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport

The seventh busiest airport in the USA, Minneapolis is a joint civil-military public airport. It primarily serves Delta Airlines, and approximately 65% of its total crowd travels with Delta Airlines. Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport has two terminals. Traveling between these terminals is free but if you choose to ride the blue line you have to pay for it.

Minneapolis-Saint Paul International Airport uses different trains and tram systems for transporting passengers around the airport. Apart from this, global entry is available on both of its terminals. It also accepts mobile passports. The airport has around 50 restaurants, cafes, and eateries so you can munch a bite before boarding the flight. Other facilities provided by Minneapolis include pet-friendly airports, baby care zones, and designated smoking areas.

7. The Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

The largest and the busiest airport in the USA’S Arizona region, Phoenix is a civil-military airport. Often referred to as the friendliest airport in the USA, Phoenix has received several awards for its services in the past years. The airport has two terminals. And a Phoenix Sky Train connects both terminals. And the best thing is that this train service is free. There are 6 airport lounges available at Phoenix and 4 of them have day passes.

The rest of the two lounges are reserved for premium and regular members. You will find plenty of dining options at Phoenix including restaurants, cafes, and take-away food joints. Besides this, Phoenix provides free wi-fi services to all travelers. It is a child-friendly airport and has a separate playing area for children. It also has nursing rooms on both of its terminals making the airport babies friendly.

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