7 Shopify Development Trends to Prioritize in 2022

Have you ever thought that online shopping would become a big hit? I believe you didn’t see that coming, but fortunately, it did, and now, it is one of the fastest-growing eCommerce markets. As a result, the total number of digital buyers in 2021 was 2.14 billion and increasing.

Perhaps the customer demand is increasing every day, and they are expecting more from eCommerce. And, for that matter, numerous business owners (like you) choose Shopify for their online store. Do you know why? Well, you’ll get to know in the coming section.

Till then, let’s get a glimpse of this blog where we’ll cover the top Shopify trends that you must know for your online store growth. So, without keeping you in more anticipation, let’s get started with the importance of Shopify for an eCommerce store.

Let’s go!

Why Should You Choose Shopify for an eCommerce Store?

Shopify is a robust (yet flexible) online store builder with increased conversions and sales. For starters, Shopify is easy to use. It develops visually appealing online stores with powerful marketing tools. 

Plus, it is highly scalable and secure, performs fast loading speed, has remarkable customer support, and is mobile-friendly. Most importantly, Shopify is SEO-friendly and supports an easy customization process. 

I am sure all these Shopify features have grabbed your attention till now. Right? So, don’t be late to the party, and quickly hire a well-known Shopify development company for a flexible online store. 

Top Shopify Trends That You Must Know in 2022

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality

The two advanced Shopify future trends are Augmented and Virtual Reality. AR and VR give a real-life shopping experience to customers by displaying 3D images that let them see how a particular product will look when they see it in reality. 

This way, customers feel more confident buying a specific product that enhances their shopping experience. In short, you can increase your sales and get a competitive edge.

  • Multiple Payment Options

A wide range of payment gateways is necessary to successfully run an eCommerce store because you don’t know which payment option your intended customer will use. 

However, Shopify has a payment option called Stripe that lets customers pay the bills without extra charges. Apart from it, buyers should have the privilege to spend money however they want using their preferred device.

  • Voice Search

Voice search is also one of the favored and best Shopify trends to watch out for. It is an emergent technology with rapid growth and a better customer experience by increasing productivity. 

Even Google reports declared that 27% of the global population uses voice search on mobile devices. Voice search has become a big hype because it is faster than typing, is time-efficient, enables smart shopping, and more. In short, voice search is savvy and increases website traffic.

  • Headless Commerce

Kindly pay attention to headless commerce because it powers the transaction process and handles product management. It separates the back-end of an online store from the front-end that lets you build the new storefront with your preferred content management system (CMS). 

You can choose this trend because it makes the integration faster and gains complete control over your online store. Going headless for your eCommerce store will give you immediate and compelling benefits.

  • Focus on Better Marketplace

If you want to expand your brand’s comprehensive approach, you must focus on a more advanced marketplace from where you can attract multiple customers. You (as a business owner) can develop your marketplace for a direct flawless customer experience. 

You can even categorize marketplaces into different sections like big box marketplaces, editorial-focused marketplace, delivery applications, and more. Moreover, it gains the customer’s trust and lets you meet your desired customers.

  • Craft Innovative Ad Strategies

One of the best Shopify trends to watch out for is the creative advertisement approach. Visually appealing ads grab the customer’s attention the most and encourage them to buy a product. 

The innovative ads also make you stand out from the competition and make you look unique. Moreover, it educates your intended customers, improves brand positioning, boosts brand awareness, and more. In short, create ads for your business to cater to your customer’s requirements.

  • Show Your Presence on Social Channels

Finally, don’t forget to show your social media presence on different platforms because it lets you build a direct customer relationship. Consequently, it is also one of the top Shopify trends that you must know if you want to expand the brand awareness. 

The social media presence brings in more sales, increases the website traffic, generates leads, makes you viral overnight (if the content is unique and qualitative), etc.

Final Thoughts

As mentioned above, eCommerce is already evolving every day, and it becomes imperative for every business owner to stay competitive. Thus, you can follow all the mentioned Shopify future trends if you want a successful business.

These Shopify development trends 2022 will surely make your business stand out in the competition. So, don’t fear when these useful Shopify trends are here. 

Also, which Shopify trend did you like the most and why? 

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