Advantages of Import and Export Code Registration for Business

Everyone hopes to see their business grow both at the local and global levels. But, starting a business anywhere other than your home country isn’t easy. Businesses involved in export and import trade must register their import export code. It is a unique 10-digit number that allows you to export and import from abroad.

Import and Export code is issued annually by the general director of foreign trade. He or she falls under the ministry of commerce and industry, Government of India. This registration for the import and export code is valid once and is valid for a lifetime. You don’t have to renew your IEC license registration.

IEC registration in India required for any person who wishes to start export and import trades from abroad. The import export codes are mandatory and cannot be used to import or export products or services.

Online business service providers will allow you to quickly and easily register your import export certificate. Expertbells India is the leading online platform for business law and mandatory compliances. Expertbells is an online platform that helps you to obtain an Import and Export Certification online in India. You can also visit Expertbells for expert assistance.

Advantages of Import/Export Code Registration

Let’s take a look at the many benefits that will follow successful registration in India. These are some benefits that IEC code India offers after you register for the code.

1) Global Market Reach

The greatest benefit of registering for import and export codes is the expansion of your business on the global markets. It will increase your business’s reach in different countries. It’s a gateway to great growth opportunities for you and/or your business.

2) Convenient Registration Process

With the help of an expert and the easy registration process, obtaining an export and import license is easier and faster. It is not necessary to visit any government office in order to register for your license. Online registration for export and import codes is the fastest and most cost-effective way to register.

3) The simplest Documentation Requirements

The required documents are common for the registrations of import and export license. You don’t have need to work hard to get them.

You will need a PAN certificate of the applicant. A passport size photograph. A canceled cheque from applicant’s account. Address proof for business that requires an export or import code.

4) Validity

You can import and export registration once, you have it. It is valid for your lifetime. You don’t need any reminders to renew your ICE licensing. This license or code is yours to legally use until the business is incorporated or the registration expires.

5) No Compliance

You do not have to fulfill any compliance requirements other than annual filing or return filing if you have obtained import and export registry. No compliance is required once the ICE Code registration has been obtained.

6) No Annual Maintenance is required

The import and export codes are not required to be renewed annually. There are no fees to file or renew your registration. It is valid for the lifetime and you don’t have to pay anything between the beginning and the end.

7) No Illegal Transport Transactions at Risk

Your business will be protected from illegal shipping risks through the import and/or export code. The centralized registration allows government officials scan and analyze every import and exported transaction that is done by the IEC registered business.

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Expertbells India’s largest online platform provides business services that are essential for starting and growing small- to medium-sized businesses. Expertbells has everything you need to register a company in India, GST registration, taxation, digital signature certificate, trademark registration, and many more under one roof.

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