Most popular app stores have gazillion suggestions for all day-to-day requirements of an individual. In fact, app makers have to get into all kinds of buzz-making activities beforehand to stand out from the wide array of existing applications in the niche.

App store optimization services have become the go-to solution for such app makers. In simple terms, App store optimization is the process of enhancing app visibility and increasing the conversion rate by a variety of means.

What is the conversion rate?

Conversion rate is when a certain percentage of people take a positive jump from one point to another. In terms of app store optimization services, conversion rate refers to the number of people switching to download and installation and subsequently using the application. The first step involves merely seeing the app, while the final stage is to pay for the app and use it for purpose. App store optimization can also be called App store SEO services targeted towards mobile app stores rather than websites.

App store optimization for app growth

On average, 5 million apps are present on the apple store and close to 3.4 million applications on the Google play store. Hence, first-hand app makers can experience cut-throat competition in terms of visibility and downloads. App store optimization services provided by a number of agencies can be the deciding factor for any new application’s success.

In fact, app makers today rely on local agencies to help them take off successfully without experiencing internet bullying from competitors and bot frauds. SEM reseller, a local SEO agency providing exceptional services to its clients, employs the best tools to ensure higher visibility and reduced advertisement cost on the platform.

1.   Higher visibility 

No matter how amazing your application is, a visible product is sold at the end of the day. Hence, gaining visibility must be the top agenda of any app maker.

SEO agencies providing app store optimization services acquaint themselves with play stores’ algorithms and the tools to attain a higher rank. Visibility is not merely a by-product of attaining positive reviews; rather, it employs app extensions and uses Google Adwords. App makers must focus on the quality and UX of the app while letting the agency opt for the best tools to increase visibility.

2.   Organic downloads and reduced acquisition cost

One of the best advantages offered by app store optimization services is a gradually increased visibility, thereby inducing organic installations on the platform. Applications with an increased installation get further boost with enhanced visibility in front of users searching with near keywords. The installations will help reduce acquisition costs, therefore making it a profitable deal.

3.   Get found by relevant users and experience a revenue hike 

Non-organic installations are non-profitable because such tactics fail to provide long-term benefits or even work in a sound manner. People installing an app because of non-organic methods usually do not need it and end up deleting it anyway. Further, they don’t pass authentic reviews or suggest the app to relevant users.

App store optimization services ensure apps get found by relevant users, looking for respective services and engagement. In turn, app makers can hope for authentic reviews, further facilitating changes and higher visibility. Interested users are more likely to pay subscription charges or in-app purchases and refer the app to subsequent interested people.

4.   Sustainable growth 

Most promising marketing tactics can help keep up the downloads during the initial stage. However, marketing tricks will exhaust and soon turn out to be sheer wastage of money. App visibility via app store optimization services promises a more stable revenue growth without pushing a lot of capital. The steps involved in the process incite more visibility and engagement without a periodic need to add more capital. One can easily keep up organic downloads without utilizing marketing methods.

A professional app store optimization agency can help an application rank higher and avail long-term benefits by a relatively smaller investment.

5.   Enjoy the benefits of localization

The lucrative benefit of having good visibility on an app store is the attention of a global audience willing and engaging with the app. App store optimization agencies use the localization method to gain visibility for an app in different languages. Hence, one can aspire to gain access to a global population. The localization method can lead to higher profit and access to a multitude of stakeholders to improve the app features to make it more region-specific.

App store optimization services have the potential to add to the constant heat emerging for the global standout of a new app. However, choosing an agency with both experience and ability is a complex process requiring a lot of research. Getting in touch with clients from the past and conducting a quality test can be a good first step to refine and narrow down the choices. 

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