An Explainer Video that Brings You to Healthy Lifestyle

Explainer videos are known for being content whose sole function is to advertise a business’s product or service in an explanatory way. However, they serve another purpose too, and they’re useful from the top of your marketing funnel all the way to the bottom.

To have a healthy lifestyle, there are many ways you can do it. One of them is by being inspired when viewing the video.

Today’s healthy lifestyle is indeed important —even in the past. But in the pandemic era, you should be more careful so you don’t get sick easily and so you don’t get infected with viruses.

Let’s watch the sample of HealMate videos below:

This medical advertisement for HealMate has said it all. It beautifully captures the typical workers’ problems, as suggested in the video. Celine, the main character, is an excellent embodiment of society that ignores the importance of health. As a result, many have experienced a diverse type of health problem at a young age. 

The 3D animated elements are perfectly crafted to represent how managing a healthy lifestyle can improve your daily life. This promotional piece by Breadnbeyond evokes the mutual feeling of getting burned out in a concise and meaningful way. Ultimately, viewers can easily understand the message this video delivers in the space of time.

Check out more of Breadnbeyond’s videos on YouTube

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