Benefits of Exercising with Your Puppy

If you are thinking about getting a dog as a pet, the benefits of exercising with your puppy are something that you should consider. There are many ways that exercise with your puppy can benefit both you and your new best friend. Although most puppies are not overly keen on exercise, if you introduce it gradually they will enjoy it and benefit from it in many ways. It is important to establish what your expectations are and stick to them. The benefits of exercising with your puppy include:

Working out helps to burn off excess energy that is stored in reserve for times when the dog is not active. This helps you get used to being more active and also to burn calories. An active and fit dog has less chance of becoming overweight. Exercise is essential to maintain good health and to maintain your dog physically fit.

Another one of the great benefits of exercising with your puppy is that he or she gets used to being physically active. They will be more likely to run when given a command than to walk, so it is important to have plenty of walking done before you begin exercising with your new puppy. As a result, your dog will start to associate walking with exercise. This helps them to use their natural instincts for movement instead of using a mental command to move around.

Your dog is less likely to develop bone ailments such as hip dysplasia, if you start to exercise with your puppy. Hip dysplasia is one of the most common problems that dogs have when they are bred for hunting small animals. It is a condition that can cause significant pain and discomfort for your dog and can even lead to hip replacement. By working out with your dog regularly, you can prevent this problem from developing. Your dog will also be less likely to develop bone and joint conditions such as arthritis and dislocation.

Exercise is bonding time

One of the biggest benefits of exercising with your puppy is that it helps you bond with your dog. Exercise helps to strengthen your relationship with your dog by strengthening the muscles that are essential for communication between the two of you. It also helps your dog to eliminate waste. You will be surprised at how much waste your dog will eliminate during an exercise session versus how little waste they will produce if you don’t exercise with your puppy. It is also essential for the health of your dog if you want to keep your dog healthy. Regular exercise will help keep your dog fit and strong.

The benefits of exercising with your puppy are many. However, the most obvious benefits of exercising with your puppy are the physical ones. Your dog is likely to enjoy the physical benefits of exercise such as increased stamina, and a strengthened immune system. If your dog has any behavioral problems, exercise is probably a good way to solve those problems. Exercising with your dog can also help to strengthen your relationship between the two of you. Exercise is a wonderful thing that should be enjoyed by both you and your dog.

Getting started exercising with your pup

Exercising with your puppy is one of the best things you can do with your little buddy. There are some obvious options, of course, for what you can do with your doggo. A brisk walk, or going for a run, for starters. But there are some less obvious options that are just as much fun for your dog and good for you physically.

One thing you could do is take your favorite kettlebell down to a local field. Do ten kettlebell swings, and jog with your puppy the length of the field and back. Or you could do a game of reps in the backyard, where you throw the ball for your dog and do five push-ups. The options are truly endless! Whether you use a kettlebell, want to go for a run, or do push-ups in the backyard, there are plenty of reasons and benefits to exercising with your little puppy! 

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