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It’s easy to avoid Magento SEO mistakes when you use this checklist. it will help prevent yourself from making these errors in search engine optimization on your site! You can also find out whether there are other possible crawling errors by using Search Console for magento 2

Whether you are getting yellow or red alert (or, much worse, the red), your website needs speed and performance improvement. If you don’t optimize your site, your online business will suffer in terms of web traffic, leads, and revenue, because Google prefers the speediest sites when it produce search results.


Technical Magento SEO Checklists can help you navigate the often overwhelming process of creating an effective optimizing strategy. These check lists will make sure all aspects are covered so that your site has every chance at ranking well on search engines like Google!


One of the most important factors hurting your SEO efforts that is website speed. Magento 2 focuses on faster loading website speed than Magento 1. If you are still on magento 1, You should say bye-bye because magento 2 offers site speed even more for both search engine optimization and user experience.

You should build proper site speed checklist. What will you have to do and improve your page speed will be determined by your page speed report. For it, you must use only trusted page performance tools to examine your website speed.


Now Google focuses on a mobile-first index, so you must create a speedy mobile website to get better visibility in Search engine. If your website is running on mobile device than desktop version, you will have to struggle to get top position in Google. It will impact on sales and leads too.

These days, every person use mobile to buy products and items what they need. So Your website must have mobile-friendly because Google takes it as a ranking factor. Keep your SEO checklist ready for ecommerce website.


Your url structure should be neat and clean. If your web page is not fully optimized no one will click on your link and that leads to it. Your website title should be relevant with product and slug. Title tell Google what the page is about.

Ideal URL structure for Ecommerce Websites

Category Page:

Sub-category page:

Product page:


Two different domains can confuse Google and stop your website from ranking as well because Google will take the www as a subdomain. So Use proper url format. Unnecessary urls should be redirected to your preferred url (main domain).


The robots.txt file is a powerful tool to help you optimize your site for search engines like Google and Bing by creating specific instructions on what content should be indexed, ranked high in results pages (SERP), etc. It can also prevent certain types of web crawlers from accessing certain areas or pages which may contain copyrighted material without permission from owner. In short: don’t ignore this Magento 2 SEO checklist – it’s important stuff…


A sitemap, in short form for site map or index card if you will be more comfortable with that vocabulary then good because its just what it sounds like. It’s an instruction showing the ways to all pages on your website so they can be indexed by Google when submitting their monthly XML file which goes live later this month!




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