Choosing the Best Grass Fed Whey Protein

Protein is an essential component of human nutrition. According to studies, eating a high-quality protein diet will have a slew of nutritional benefits. Apart from maintaining your tissues and bones, protein is essential for the skin and hair.

Despite the apparent benefits, many people still fail to consume enough calories from protein. As a result, the full potential of looking and feeling great is often untapped. To combat this common struggle, nutritionists worldwide recommend supplementing a daily diet with protein like grass-fed whey protein isolate wherever possible. Utilizing a clean protein powder that mixes effortlessly makes short work of hitting those challenging daily protein intake targets.

What Is Whey Protein?

Whey protein makes up 20% of the total protein composition in dairy; The other 80% consists of various caseins (also a beneficial protein supplement). The amino acid profile contained within whey protein makes whey the leading choice for protein selection. The naturally occurring and “complete” amino acid profile of whey protein contains all the essential and non-essential amino acids. It is packed with muscle-building branch-chained amino acids widely referred to as “BCAAs.”

AGN Roots Grass-Fed Whey is a complete protein and, due to its Truly GrassꞏFed™ Irish origin, contains more than 10% greater concentrations of BCAAs than the next best high-end grass-fed whey.  AGN Roots Grass-Fed Whey is in isolate form (>93% protein) and thus contains minimal lactose and easily mixes due to the organic sunflower lecithin that serves as the single additive.

What to consider when selecting the best grass-fed whey protein

Objectives: Your objectives are among the most important considerations when selecting the best grass-fed whey protein. It’s crucial to understand that the term “Grass-Fed” is wildly abused in the U.S.A. for marketing purposes and offers little objective meaning when it comes to dairy sourcing. Roughly 99% of powder protein supplements sold in the U.S.A. stem from factory farm conditions and yield limited nutritional benefits compared to high-quality dairy. Ensuring your “Grass-Fed” whey protein product is certified by an accredited body is the #1 objective to avoid premium cost for perceived health benefits.

Flavor: Whey protein powders are available in various flavors, ranging from chocolate and strawberry to mocha and even homemade cake. Some additives can taste more powdery or synthetic than others, based on the components. Consider mixing your protein powder into a smoothie with tasty flavorings like thawed banana, vanilla extract, caramel, and almond butter to enhance the flavor of your protein powder. Harsh flavor systems by design mask very low-grade whey protein, so you’d be well-advised to be wary of amazingly flavored whey products.

Dietary Supplements: Take into account products FDA classified as a “dietary supplement.” Under the law, dietary supplements are only post-market regulated, which means anything is fair game, and the marketing claims do not need to speak truth to the contents or origins. If you see a nutrition facts label look-alike that says “Supplement Facts,” this is a good sign to stay clear.

Source of Origin: Ireland is the only country globally to mandate a nationalized grass-fed dairy product standard. This standard is enforced to the full extent of the law and requires claims of grass-fed products to be from certified grass-fed farms subject to regular audits (>90% grass-fed diets). AGN Roots Irish Grass-Fed Whey Isolate is growing in notoriety fast. As soon as a consumer gets a feel for the quality of a Truly Grass-Fed Product, never again will they settle for a plastic tub of heavy metals from factory farms.

At AGN Roots, grass-fed whey protein is the sole focus. The brand makes a single product at the highest level of quality in the game and prides itself on it. Athletes, bodybuilders, and all wellness enthusiasts who want to take control of their health can now find the best grass-fed whey protein.

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