Coca-Cola reimagines Queen classic for Qatar Football World Cup

The Coca-Cola Firm and Universal Music Group have said the launch of the beverage brand’s official Football World Cup campaign anthem that gives a new multicultural reimagining of Queen’s iconic track, A Kind of Magic offered on Coke Studio.

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Coca-Cola reimagines Queen classic for Qatar Football World Cup

A Kind of Enchanted (Coke Studio Mix for the Qatar Football World Cup) free as part of Coca-Cola’s Trusting is Magic campaign is an influential rework of the 1986 hit, a magnetic collaboration between Egyptian neo-soul and rap feeling, Felukah, soulful Saudi Arabian singer-songwriter, Tamtam, and Mexican Latin Grammy Award candidate, Danna Paola.

The road will be attended by a lively and dynamic performing video that brings the power and belief of the track to life. Shot in Mexico City, the video captures the enthusiasm for one of the biggest sporting events on the earth, combining a flavor of Latin and Arabic society with the fervent world of the Football World Cup.

We’re excited to have teamed up with Tamtam, Felukah, and Danna Paola, to create a distinctive version of Queen’s A Kind of Magic, shares Joshua Burke, Sr. Director of Global Music & Culture Marketing at The Coca-Cola Company. This reimagined track stages the distinctive styles of these gifted artists while adopting the world-renowned masterpiece.

The official way ties back into The Conductor flick, which began earlier this year in partnership with UMG’s worldwide brand partnerships department, UMGB (Universal Music Group for Brands). The film gave homage to A Kind of Trick by bringing together seven artists from around the world to put their spin on the famous track. The artists contained Ari Lennox, Griff, Ekin Beril, Mariah Angeliq, Terms, Tesher, and TRI.BE a truly creative look at Real Magic Coca-Cola’s worldwide brand philosophy.

A Kind of Magical Coke Studio Mix for the Football World Cup and the resultant music video will launch globally on October 21st ahead of the Qatar Football World Cup, which kicks off in Qatar on November 20th. The track will be accessible on all digital running programs and the video will be available via Coke Studio.

In extra to this musical track, Coca-Cola is offering their Believing is Magic war to life through various elements, as well as packing, Fan Zone, digital films, and Panini, which embody the passion of football supporters across the world.

Coca-Cola reimagines Queen classic for Qatar Football World Cup

As expectation builds for the November kickoff of the Qatar Football World Cup in Qatar, Coca-Cola is honoring the enthusiastic journey of football followers through the Trusting is Magic global campaign. The brand today kicked off the unified, digital-driven campaign, which will grow over the coming months, by launching a suite of digital movies describing the full extent of followers’ devotion to their beloved squads.

The spots show the unusual promises many followers would make if their squad could win the Football Football World Cup from receiving a tattoo to shaving their head, to consecutively working every day while good-looking viewers share their aptitudes for likely inclusion in Coca-Cola packaging, digital content, or outdoor original. 

What most motivates your squad about the upcoming Football World Cup?

These last few years have been difficult for main sports events. The Tokyo Olympic Games were delayed due to COVID-19, and the Football World Cup was forced to November to guarantee mild heats for players and supporters. Giving a region its first chance to host a Football World Cup is extremely thrilling. I was in South Africa when the first-ever Football World Cup was held on the African island.

Coca-Cola reimagines Queen classic for Qatar Football World Cup

We’re thrilled about the chance to democratize the sport and take it to all areas of the globe. We also see it as the world’s coming out event after years of lockdown. Ticket uses expanded previous Football World Cups. The world is happy to honor a sense of normality again, and this is a big goal. 

5 things to know about Football World Cup host Qatar

Qatar, the contentious host of the Qatar football World Cup, is a key US ally in the Middle East that is rich in gas and oil. Here are 5 things to know about the desert headland:

Small but potent

Qatar is one of the tiniest Arab states with a populace of 2.9 million, most of whom are foreign workers. The country was a British colony for 55 years until 1971. It has been governed by a dominion, the Al-Thani family, since the mid-19th century. The recent emir, Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad Al-Thani, rose to power in 2013 after his father Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani resigned.

The country’s first-ever parliamentary polls were held in October 2021. None of the 26 women applicants won a seat in the 45-member Shura Council.

Owner of the Shard

Qatar is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers and exporters of melted natural gas. It has one of the greatest per capita GDPs in the world at $61,276 in 2021, allowing to the World Bank, two-and-a-half times that of Saudi Arabia.

Coca-Cola reimagines Queen classic for Qatar Football World Cup

The Qatar Financing Authority, one of the biggest independent wealth funds in the world, has spent extravagantly to snap up key landmarks and luxury brands in Europe, as well as Britain’s luxury store Harrods, London’s Shard skyscraper and France’s Balmain style house. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Conflict with Saudi

Qatar survived a major political crisis and a three-and-a-half-year barrier by its Gulf neighbors between June 2017 and January 2021 with only partial damage to its market. Tensions had been growing since the Arab Spring of pro-democracy groups, which Doha had helped but fellow Gulf kingdoms had not.

Saudi Arabia (KSA), the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Bahrain, and Egypt cut ties with Doha, condemning it of supporting terrorism and cultivating close ties with their local rival Iran charges Doha rejected. Riyadh and its allies made numerous demands of Qatar in return for ending its isolation, with that it is closing Al Jazeera, its innovative pan-Arab news channel which was charged as acting as a bullhorn for the Arab Spring rallies and ending economic assistance with Iran.

Coca-Cola reimagines Queen classic for Qatar Football World Cup

Qatar denied the demands and rode out the barrier, which was finally lifted, under stress from the United States (US), which sees both Saudi Arabia and Qatar as key supporters.

Paying big on Neymar

Qatar has flowed billions of dollars into sports at home and overseas, snapping up France’s leading football club Paris Saint-Germain in 2011, which memorably spent an astounding 222 million euros to purchase Brazilian Neymar in 2017.

Qatar Sports Investments (QSI) also owns Belgian first department club KAS Eupen and said on October 10 that it will purchase nearly 22% of the Portuguese club Sporting Braga. The Gulf state has held a string of global sports contests to try to boost its global standing, as well as the Asian Games in 2006, the Asian Cup of Nations in 2011, and the world sports championships in 2019.

Speared over rights

Yet since Qatar’s shock win in the race to host the Football World Cup, the focus has been on its human rights track record, especially its treatment of refugee workers.

Coca-Cola reimagines Queen classic for Qatar Football World Cup

Accounts of high numbers of deaths and wounds on Qatar’s giant structure projects firmly rejected by Qatari authorities as well as allegations of harsh hours, grim living conditions, and workers being expelled for claiming unpaid wages have triggered disputes.

The Qatari authority has reacted to the critique by proposing a minimum wage, demolishing a scheme that gave employers strict control over workers, and forcing stricter rules on working out in the summer heat.

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