Comprehensive Guide on Choosing the Best Nic Shot

Before 2016, nobody knew about the nic shot because the bottles of e-liquid already contain nicotine to add to your device. However, after the regulation that only 10ml bottles of e-liquid containing nicotine could be sold to the customers, everything changed. However, the nic shots were invented when the demand for larger bottles increased. This guide will help you with how you can choose the best nic salt.

What is a nicotine shot?

Nicotine shots, also known as nicotine boosters are mixed with VG and PG to create a liquid. These are flavourless and can also be added to nicotine-free liquids to lower the strength of nicotine. Different flavours with different nicotine strengths can be made by mixing nicotine shots with nic free e-liquid. The different strengths include 3mg, 6mg, 9mg, 15mg, and 18mg depending on the flavor. The pukka bar 600 puff disposable pod device contains 25 to 30 milligrams of nicotine. Nic shot is available in a bottle of 10ml in pure form. The size of the bottle is created to meet the regulations of the Tobacco Product Directive TPD. To get a large amount of nicotine on daily basis, the vapers add a 10ml of nic shot in a 50ml vape juice.

How much nic shot should you use?

The amount of the nic shot depends on the personal preference since different people prefer a different amount of nicotine in their e-liquid. The strength of nicotine also depends on the strength of nicotine you used to take. The people who want to cut out the nicotine and never smoked a cigarette should use 0mg/ml of a nic shot. Those who were light smokers and smoke occasionally, but want to cut down on nicotine, should use no more than 3mg/ml. Those who don’t want to cut out nicotine and used to be a moderate smoker can use 6mg/ml or more than that. At last, heavy smokers with nicotine requirements can consume 12mg/ml or more than that of a nic shot.

Which nic shot should you use?

The type of nic shot you should buy depends on what type of nicotine you prefer for yourself and what type of VG/PG ratio is better for your pod or mod. Based on the amount of nic shot you use, you can get more flavour, more throat hits and more clouds. A 100 per cent VG nic shot is the best choice for those who love making heavy clouds and like the intense flavour. The pure nicotine is thick and heavy, which is why it produces more clouds. On the market, the most available bottles are 70:30 VG to PG, but you can find the ones with 100% VG too.

The nic shots with higher VG are ideal for the advanced vapers with more nicotine demand. Such vapers also prefer direct to lung technique which is possible with a higher VG nic shot. These nic shots offer increased flavour and cloud production. However, you need to be careful while vaping this juice, as consuming more e juice can result in more consumption of nicotine. More than limited nicotine can be harsh on the throat and can cause health issues. To make sure you are not going onboard, calculate the right balance with your nic shot.

Are nic shots worth using?

Nicotine shots users find it the perfect blend in their e-liquid. However, it is always important to calculate the right amount of nicotine before adding it to your e-liquid. Calculate how much nicotine you can add to your e juice through nic shots. By doing so, you can gradually reduce the intensity of the throat hit and reach the zero-nicotine point when you vape. Another benefit of using nic shot is that you can try a variety of different flavours, such as berries, fruits, and pure tobacco. By using nic shots, you will not have the risk of burning the coils of your device. However, the flavours with nic salts can burn the coil easily depending on the flavour you are using because nic salts are thicker. The nic shots are compatible with a variety of vaping devices. Whichever coil resistance or wattage you are using, nic shots can go with it.

The only disadvantage you will see in nic shots is that they do not offer a high amount of nicotine like nicotine salts. For example, a short fill with two nic shots only contains 6mg of nicotine, which is way less than the nicotine available in the nic salts. So, if you want to enjoy a high level of nicotine, you should opt for the nic salts.


The nic shots are one of the best products in the vaping industry. These are available in a small bottle of 10 ml and allow you to customise your flavour juice according to your taste. The type of nic shot you should choose depends on the flavour, throat hit and cloud production you want.

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