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Classifieds are publications that promote goods and services in newspapers, magazines or on the Internet. The term refers to the classification by classes in which the advertisements described are organized. In general, they cover all types of goods and services, including automobiles, real estate, technological products, industrial machinery, home appliance repair, etc. like this site craigslists.

The advantage of classified ads is that they are inexpensive. In this way, many individuals can access them very easily, having access to a wide market where they can place what they offer. This is particularly important if we consider that many of the items involved have already been used. However, the great diffusion that the advertisements reach also makes companies pay attention to them, monopolizing large spaces that have a higher cost.

Needless to say, the origin of this modality can be traced back to the written press, particularly newspapers and periodicals. These generally have a section devoted to advertisements, although sometimes these are published separately from the main body of the newspaper or periodical. In magazines, the sample of classified ads is usually smaller, although it is also present.

With the emergence of the Internet, the use of classifieds has reached a new state. On the one hand, it can be said that the publication costs became even cheaper until they became free. On the other hand, the agility provided by the network made the use of this modality even more frequent. Thus, it is possible to find sites with huge traffic whose only purpose is the display of these ads. This huge traffic generates a lot of money in advertising that makes it unnecessary to charge for the publication, which explains why it is free of charge.

The use of classified ads is a very favorable opportunity for those who wish to market their services or a product and are modest in their economic resources.

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