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House for Rent in Karachi

Living in Karachi has now become a trend. The reasons behind the movement to Karachi are many, from the huge number of tourism the city attracts to the city being the economical hub of the country. Let us tell you these aspects in more detail.

Economical Hub

It is a well-known fact that the city of Karachi is the economical hub of Pakistan. With the city contributing about 70% of the GDP, it also is in need of labor. Labor that can work honestly and earn a fair living. Due to this reason hundreds and thousands of people move to the city in search of fair earning, which the city provides, and as they work here, they need a place to live, thus settling down with their families in the biggest metropolis of the country.

Tourist Spot

The city is dotted with famous places that you can visit with your friends and families, whenever you want, and enjoy a day of complete serenity. Whether it is a historical site, or a family park, or a picnic spot, Karachi has many places that are a must visit.


  • Clifton Beach
  • Hawks Bay Beach
  • Charna Island
  • Cape Monze
  • French Beach
  • Manora

Family Parks

  • Bagh ibn-e-Qasim
  • Frere Hall
  • Zamzama Park
  • Hill Park
  • Aziz Bhatti Park
  • Shaheed Benazir Bhutto Park
  • Hilal Park

Historical Places

  • Mohatta Palace
  • TDF Ghar
  • Tooba Mosque
  • Chaukandi Tombs
  • Wazir Mansion
  • Khaliqdeena Hall
  • Denso Hall

Water Parks in Karachi

  • Dreamworld Resort, Hotel and Golf Course
  • Sunway Lagoon
  • The Great Fiesta
  • Picnic World
  • Burhani Recreational Park
  • Cosy Water Park

These are some of the noteworthy places in Karachi that garner a huge number of tourists. The peak of tourism in a city also defines the number of jobs that are vacant in the city, due to which a huge number of people live in the city.

Apartments for Rent in Karachi

As many people from various places move to the city, the prices for the property start to reach the sky, and it becomes quite difficult to buy a house or a property for sale. However, one can always rent out a place, where they and their family can live comfortably.

But in a place as huge as the city of lights, finding a house for rent in Karachi, also becomes a hassle. With the city being heavily populated, most of the places are already rented out. Furthermore, to a person that is new to the city, moving around and looking for places becomes extremely difficult and a hassle.

However, there is no need for you to worry. Whether you are looking for a place to buy or a house for rent in Karachi, JagahOnline is there to solve all your problems related to the real estate market. So head to JagahOnline now and take a look at the huge number of listings we have for houses for rent in Karachi.

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