How Direct Lending Mitigates Your Financial Trouble?

Undoubtedly, you will find out ample money lenders while searching for a loan. Therefore, if you are worried about finding out the right one among all of them, then we are here to help you out. We suggest you select only verified money lenders who lend directly without any intermediary.

The reasons behind searching for verified and zero intermediaries are to minimize the processing fees and to get 100% guaranteed loans from direct lenders.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of taking a loan from direct lenders-

  • Minimal possibility of revocation:

One of the noted convenience of taking a loan from direct lenders is, reducing the possibility of loan cancellation. The reducing factor works here the most because the source of money is not any intermediary like a bank or non-banking financial body.

When financial intermediaries like bank carry on the whole process, they strictly overview every single detail. If any discrepancy found at the very moment, the loan process is cancelled.

On the other hand, while a borrower approaches a loan to a direct lender, it becomes easier to get the requisite money at once. So the possibility of sanctioning a loan became high.

  • Offers suitable tenure:

In addition with guaranteed disbursal of loan the borrower also gets lucrative offers from the lender. The lender discusses with the borrower about suitable tenure.

This means, a borrower has the authority to choose how long he wants to pay the debt or how early he wants to close the whole outstanding.

Almost of every intermediaries, especially banks are reluctant to allow their borrowers from being flexible about repayment term.

  • Quick and transparent:

As you are applying for a loan from direct lenders, sanctioning a loan is quite quick. Whereas, if there is the interruption of financial intermediaries, usually their staffs consume more time to process a single file.

The borrower needs not worry as the whole process will be transparent. Because a verified direct lender also engages a person who processes the papers and assures quick disbursal by maintaining transparency.

  • Impressive rate of interest:

It has been observed that borrowers taking a loan from direct lenders make more profit than borrowing from financial intermediaries.

When there is a presence of financial intermediaries, they apply some extra rates over the existing rates fixed by the money lending company.

But when you go to direct lenders, they will not ask you for the extra interest rate. For this reason, the borrower feels much relieved as he needs not to pay extra interests.

So, from the benefits mentioned above, you can easily point out why you should go to a direct lender instead of third party lenders. We can understand that ample direct lenders are there when you start searching for money lenders. To help you with this, we are listing here some verified companies from where one borrower can get 100% guaranteed loans from direct lenders.

  1. PNC

PNC is the best choice for borrowing significant amount as they provide £500 – £2000 to borrowers. This money lending company focuses on petty loans and mostly provides loans to unprivileged parts of our society.

Besides, it is lending money at the best rates. The most attractive factor about PNC is there is a chance of gaining up to 0.20% commission on using auto-pay.

To search for a loan offer, you need not do much. What you need to do is to fill up the loan request form available on the website. After that, the website will auto-generate an enquiry on the borrower’s credit score. The best part about PNC is there are zero processing charges.

  1. Light Stream –

This moneylender is famous for providing a large amount of cash to their borrowers. By applying for the loan, one can get from €20000 up to €99000. But this money lender specifically provides loan for house renovation or huge home repair.

This company limits themselves by providing loan to only those borrowers who are having a good credit score. On the other, before lending, they used to do strong background verification.

Borrowers, who are eligible as per their criteria, get extra benefits from them. Advantages like getting a loan with a low-interest rate and probability of getting commission during enrollment in auto-pay.

In terms of lending, this lending company is quite strict. They generally avoid pre-approved loan offers for borrowers. After filling up the application, they generally go through the profile of borrowers and then take the decision.

  1. SoFi 

Apart from lending this money lending organization also focuses on other collateral issues of society, bringing up their publicity a lot. When a borrower takes a loan from this company, this organization takes care of his additional requirements.

To look after their borrowers, this company has started several projects on inoccupation, help the needy with carrier guidance, and immersed into bad debts, helps them to construct a financial plan.

Moreover, this direct lender will not ask you for a processing fee or any other extra charges because of providing above mentioned additional facilities. But if a borrower failed to repay the amount repeatedly, then this financial body will directly report to the credit reference agency.

This moneylender sanctions from £4000 to £99000 loan for their borrowers. They specify the tenure in the very beginning. Generally, they ask their borrowers for repayment within 3-8 years. As per the borrower’s repaying behaviour, this money lender may count him for different offers in the future.

Although they lend with the best rates and get better rates more than that, one has to showcase a promising financial background. It means the suspected borrower should not share any bad debt or poor credit score.

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