How Much Does It Cost to Make a Shopping App in 2023?

Online shopping has changed how people interact with brands. With the increasing popularity of E-Commerce apps, business owners must build interactive apps to stand out from the competition.  

If you own an E-Commerce business and want to develop a shopping app, hire companies offering the top E-Commerce app development services. But before developing an app, you must know how much it costs to create a shopping app. 

In this blog, we have comprehensively explained shopping app development costs. 

Let’s get started.

Cost driving factors for shopping app development 

App complexity

It is one of the most significant cost-driving factors in developing a shopping app. An app with more complex features will ultimately cost more to develop. 

Adding more features and elements will increase the number of screens and require additional services and third-party integrations. Hence the overall development cost will increase.


Your app’s UI/UX design will engage users and define your vision through your features. App design may influence your Shopping app development cost. As we add more features and integrations, the time required to craft the app also increases. Hence the cost of developing E-Commerce apps will also increase. 

The cost of developing a shopping app is heavily affected by the complexity of the design, the business logic, and the number of features. 

Platform -( Android and iOS)

The cost of developing apps for both platforms is too high. For Android, the company needs developers with experience in Java or Kotlin. Similarly, for iOS, the company needs to hire developers to create an app in Swift and Objective C. In both cases, companies need to hire skilled and experienced developers, resulting in a higher development cost. 

Developing a hybrid app can be a good option; it will cost you far less than native apps.  

API Integration 

Sometimes developing extra API features like invoice systems, payment gateways, etc., can be costly. As for creating your API, you will need to hire more developers. Hence the higher price of developers leads to overall additional development costs. 

Therefore, it would be wise to integrate a third-party API. 


The location where you want your app to be produced is also an essential factor affecting the overall shopping app development cost. 

Different countries have different living costs; if a country has a higher living cost, the software development rates will also be higher. Similarly, countries with lower costs of living will have lower development prices.

The region you hire app development companies from is one of the key elements influencing your E-Commerce app development cost. So research which company would provide the top E-Commerce App Development Services before you hand over your app to any company.  


Maintenance of apps is a long process that continues even after the product is deployed and is live on app stores. Choosing the right team will help you manage app maintenance and support costs.

It is advisable to hire a company that can develop, maintain, and provide support for your Shopping app. 

Maintaining an app can cost up to 50% of its original development cost per year.


A shopping app might significantly boost your company’s revenue if it is created by keeping your company’s requirements in mind. By offering improved security and scalability, online shopping apps support the growth of the E-Commerce business. 

Depending on the sizes and complexities of the application, shopping app development costs might range from $20,000 to $300,000.

You need to hire the best app development company to understand your end goals and help you to increase your user engagement. 

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