How to Convert PSD to HTML?

Website designing consists of a set of steps and the most important one in this process is converting the PSD file into HTML format. You can easily transfer PSD files into front-end code with the help of this process. Hence, if you need an appealing website provided with pre-made designs in HTML, then this method will be an ideal option to go with. 

In this post, we have discussed sequential steps for PSD to HTML conversion. Let’s have a look at them:

  • Slice the PSD File

The PSD file that you have built and involves multiple layers need to be sliced. Within the slicing, a single large image gets split into several small images. The biggest advantage of utilizing a sliced version of PSD within HTML is that it helps the website to load faster. To do slicing of the images properly, you can deploy a slicing tool that is present in Photoshop. There are mainly four slicing options available namely Normal, Fixed Aspect Ratio, Fixed Size, Fixed Sizes, and Slices from Guides. 

Once you are done with slicing the PSD file, make sure to save them. Save it by using the option “Save for the Web”. After that, save the images within the “images” directory. 

  • Build Required Directories

You have to build the required directories within your computer to proceed with everything smoothly and in a systematic way. You should build the following directories:

The main folder using the website name;

Within the folder named as “images”, you will store all the images that you will use for the website. 

A folder named “Styles” for CSS file and Styles sheet.

  • Work on HTML Page 

After creating the required directories, you have to build an HTML page. It is best to use an HTML page builder like Adobe Dreamweaver for this purpose. Build a new file in Dreamweaver and save down in the folder as index.html. 

Now, you have to have to develop a style file. You can use HTML editor and save the file as style.css within the CSS folder. All the information related to the stylistic feature of HTML web pages such as font size, type, color, background, images position, etc. will be provided in the style sheet. These sheets will be linked to HTML page 

Final Notes

So, these are the series of steps that you have to follow while performing PSD to HTML conversion. If you face any difficulty while carrying out this conversion process, you can look for the experts that specialize in this domain. 

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