How to Create an Email Subscription List

Email marketing is one of the most effective methods of acquiring new clients, customers, and viewers. However, creating your first email subscription list can become challenging, especially if you have a new website.

Moreover, an email subscription list could consist of multiple fake signups. Fortunately, a few effective methods can enhance email subscription and even help to eradicate fake profiles. Also, email subscribers more likely to become customers compared to other methods.

Furthermore, creating relevant and trending content to boost subscription is the real cost of signups. However, paid methods also involve independent expenditures for acquiring email subscriptions.

Additionally, paid WordPress tools for email subscriptions also factor into the cost based on the chosen plan. But, the revenue and loyalty retained through these internet marketing practices is priceless.

5 Effective Methods of Acquiring Email Subscribers

Add Call-to-Action (CTA) Button on Blogs and Landing Pages

According to a source, adding a personalized CTA button on landing pages can boost email subscriptions by forty-two per cent. The percentage compared against common CTA buttons meant for all viewers.

If a trending blog or article acquired the attention of many viewers, adding a personalized download button for a PDF can increase email signups. Besides this, you can optimize signups by offering PDFs like tips from the CEO, a free ebook, a fun quiz, etc.

Moreover, websites that offer gimmicky advertisements for signing up for email newsletters have a lower chance than those offering relevant content. Besides this, people would more likely submit responses and enquire for upcoming PDFs or downloads if they receive worthy content.

Add Slide-Ins or Pop-Ups on Website Pages

Pop-ups or slide-ins don’t require to land on the website page immediately after visiting it. Instead, a great practice would include offering them after a user spends quality time, scrolls through the website, or leaving.

At these stages, viewers would willingly accept email newsletter signups because they find the content relevant, engaging, and interesting. Also, pop-ups and slide-ins can even occur during revisitation.

Another important practice is to avoid pop-ups or slide-ins on the product or service sales pages. It would drastically hamper the purchasing decisions of the user and deviate their attention. Moreover, make sure to avoid them even when a user has returned from a newsletter page.

According to a source, using these practices for pop-ups and slide-ins enabled an organization to acquire 2,689 leads in a two-week course. It also enhanced the average time spent on pages by fifty-four per cent.

Use Multiple Pitching Sources

The practice of obtaining signups through pop-ups and slide-in is spectacular; however, avoidable on other modes. Therefore, make sure to use other methods on different platforms. For example, social media pages, communities, groups, platforms, and emails could prove ideal candidates.

It means that you can pitch email newsletter signups on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and other platforms. At times, you can even run online campaigns to boost signups. However, it might require funds.

Fortunately, business loans for bad credit or other options can prove beneficial for acquiring money. However, make sure to take the needed funds for campaigning, repayments, and other corporate expenses. Remember, such loans might come at a high-interest rate.

Similarly, you can add text links for email newsletter subscriptions as part of an email signature. Also, ask the company employees to incorporate the same practice and notice the increased subscriptions.

Make Genuine and Valuable Offerings

Real visitors won’t signup for email newsletters unless they receive value from the organization. Moreover, they might even opt out of subscription if they stop receiving the desired content.

Therefore, marketers should offer compelling content to the viewers as the pop-up or signup. At this point, a user has suddenly stopped going ahead with the next step. The viewer would either close the website, switching tabs, or reading the offer.

The easiest method is by adding value to your CTA. For example, a digital marketing company can offer a PDF for creating an email marketing list. Similarly, a company handling finance can offer a downloadable PDF for taking precautions while applying for an online loan.

Additionally, make sure to avoid words like subscribe or signup. Instead, replace them with access, download, feature, exclusive, etc. Email newsletter subscribers don’t want to read content pre-existing on the web.

Host an Event

Public events offer a great space for acquiring relevant customers and clients. Moreover, you can optimize signups by offering QR codes, discount codes, and ebook related to new products or services.

An offline event might not gather the same influence as an online event. Therefore, make sure to regularly host online events on company pages, groups, and communities. It will keep the existing subscribers or followers engage and even attract a target audience for signups.

Online events can include discussions, debates, interviews, public opinions, trends, upcoming launches, etc. Unfortunately, online events don’t offer an opportunity to build personal connections as they might have larger audiences.

However, you can ask people inquiring about a product, service, company, or brand to connect with an agent or customer care representative. Meanwhile, offline events offer a perfect space for communicating with a live audience.

During offline and online events, ask people to signup and inform them that they would receive email newsletters. Besides the traditional online and offline events, you can run competitions. Many candidates would signup for receiving updates about the competition and upcoming events.

Other Options

According to a source, an organization boosted leads by increasing the landing pages from ten to fifteen. Additionally, it revealed that personalized landing pages attracted a wider demographic audience.

Social media paid campaigns can also help to boost signups. Also, female entrepreneurs running in debt can avail business loans for women for serving different purposes. These can also prove useful in growing the organization.

Other methods include making it easy for people to signup on different avenues and creating a sense of urgency. You can even include CTA on the company profile page.

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