How to Use Mobile Apps to Increase ROI During Holiday Season?

Shoppers can take advantage of the holidays if they are customers, and businesses can take advantage of this period by selling their products. Festivals of all kinds are lined up during the festive season, making it an excellent time for buyers and sellers alike. You need to prepare a strategy for this period if you work in business. If you want to capitalize on any festival, you’ll need to be ready months in advance! This holiday season, you can generate huge returns on investment with your mobile app.

Today, mobile apps have emerged as a pivotal factor in the growth of any venture. Indeed, mobile apps themselves have become a venture! Today, almost everyone uses a smartphone, and everything is digital. Mobile apps help drive digital interconnectivity, which is growing at a rapid pace. There are over one billion mobile device users today, according to statistics!

In other words, businesses can create apps and cater to millions of users should they choose to do so. With a mobile app, the revenue potential of your business sees a rapid rise, and you are connected to a larger audience.

To maximize ROI, you must strive for perfection. You can only accomplish this with an experienced mobile app development company that develops mobile apps. You have an advantage over other competitors if you already have a mobile app. This holiday season, you can increase the return on your investment by applying various techniques and tactics. Let’s see what the blog has to say about them. 

With a mobile app, you can bring home gifts of profits this holiday season! The following methods may be used to do so:

  • Promotions should begin sooner

The timing of holiday partnership sales has shifted earlier and earlier for several years now. Our toolsets show, for example, that US sales were higher during those three days before Thanksgiving than during those following that holiday. I consider that an awe-inspiring development, especially considering that Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Prime Day has been rescheduled due to Amazon’s accelerated efforts to boost the holiday season. In this year’s holiday shopping season, that could have a huge impact, too. Prime Day generated over $7 billion in sales in 2019, and 70% of shoppers purchased holiday gifts on this day. The recent Salesforce report suggests that an October Prime Day event could cause the digital revenue from Cyber Week to fall by as much as 10%.

  • Partner with premium content publishers & influencers to maximize their reach

As a result of COVID-19, publishers and influencers were keen on providing quality content. Additionally, advertisers can scale early holiday campaigns through coupon and cashback partnerships to make meaningful connections with potential customers. 

Because of the pandemic, there has been a significant increase in the views over the net as people stay at home more during the outbreak. In the case of social media influencers, the same is true. The results of a recent survey of US consumers revealed that 18% are more likely to shop through social media this holiday season. 63% of millennials say they’ve purchased social media since the COVID-19 began; that number rises to 79% among older millennials. 

  • Making customer acquisition your priority is the best thing. 

Your competitors have never been as eager to lose customers to you as they are today. During the COVID-19 crisis, an astounding number of US consumers tried new stores, websites, and brands, with 60% of those consumers planning to continue using those new brands. A separate study showed that Gen Z and high earners are most likely to switch brands and retailers. 

These customers and brand loyalties are up for grabs, making it an ideal moment for attracting new ones. Partnering provides an opportunity to reach new customers during research and exploration efficiently, and by strategically commissioning toward this goal, your partners will work hard to achieve it. 

  • Your Brand Can Get a Profit Center from Partnerships If You Size Your Offers Appropriately

Consumers said promo codes and sales are the top factors that influence their holiday purchases in 2019. Because of the high demand for deals, your business likely has several teams involved in developing promotions, offers, and partnerships. With the possibility of running a high volume of agreements across multiple channels, offer stacking is possible. Savvy shoppers use this technique to maximize their savings by stacking offers on top of each other. Stacking offers can severely diminish margins if you do not plan for it or do not want it. Establish appropriate promotion levels with other teams in your organization to reach your goals.

In A Nutshell! 

The coming holiday season will be a pivotal time for businesses. The partnership provides the perfect vehicle for scale diversity and performance necessary to make this channel a primary profit center. This is why it is vital to get through the top-notch strategies to help your business pace up the ladder and step ahead of your competitors. 

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