Importance Of The Product Packaging And Labeling For E-Commerce Business


Just like all other forms of business, the end product you are ending to your customer brings out the most value. Your business’s reputation would be immensely affected if the product gets damaged in the process of delivery or shipping. So, when it comes to the e-Commerce business, the importance of packaging could be numerous. In this guide, we will be explaining the importance of product packaging and labeling.

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Why Is It Essential To Invest In Product Packaging In eCommerce?

With the eCommerce businesses rising to exceed more than $300 billion, more and more companies are investing a significant amount of funds in improving labeling and packaging goods. The key objective of packaging improvement is ensuring that the product is being delivered to the customers in its best condition and educating customers about products and brands.

However, there are a plethora of other importances of product packaging and labeling in eCommerce. We have explained them in the points below. Take a quick look at the 4 points below.

1. Proper Packaging Lowers Company Costs

Businesses in eCommerce overlook the aspect of packaging, but an effective system of packaging lowers the organizational costs. For instance, if the product is delivered to the customer in the right condition, there are lesser chances of returning it. Oppositely, if a customer receives a damaged product, immediate refund or return requests may arise, which require extra charges. So anyway, improper packaging is an overall loss to the company.

2. Packaging And Labelling Creates Good Brand Identity And Good Impression

Have you ever thought that after receiving a product, what lets you know about the brand? It’s the packaging and labeling. These two create the first impression as well as the last impression of the customers about any brand. If the packaging and labeling are done correctly, your customers’ impression of your business would be automatically good.

That doesn’t necessarily mean that your packaging has to be fancy or jaw-dropping every time. But you have to make sure that the products are well preserved and secured from damages.

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3. Packaging And Labelling Help Businesses To Stay In Line With The Environmental Regulations

Maintaining packaging and labeling consistently throughout all the products helps in raising brand visibility. Brands must ensure that they are sharing the same information and design through all the mediums in order to make the customers familiar. Furthermore, the recognition in both offline and online markets become stronger.

One feasible option here is to add a proper customized label with a brand name, social profiles, and brand logo in it. This will enable the company to stand out in the market from the competitors and create a distinctive brand value.

Following is the important information that should remain on the surface of the product packaging:

  • Brand name
  • Manufacturing details
  • Brand logo
  • Social profiles
  • Composition (in case of food items, health and beauty items, medicines)

3. Packaging And Labelling Designs Principles

Adopting the best product packaging and labeling practices is an imperative subject. Firstly, your packaging design must communicate the functioning of services and products. One of the best ideas here is to use vibrant images and bold colors with product functionalities, brand messages, etc.

Using sustainable or eco-friendly packaging for the products adds immense value to a brand. Wondering how? Well, a large number of customers in the world are increasingly becoming environmentally cautious. They prefer purchasing products that come in sustainable packaging which are fully biodegradable or recyclable.

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Cons Of Product Packaging And Labelling

Proper packaging and labeling of products are not only helpful but also have a series of disadvantages:

1. Raising Costs Of The Product

The primary limitation of the labeling and packaging process is that it increases production costs. Heavy expenses are involved in designing the packaging and printing the label slips. Eventually, the manufacturing costs are raised. 

2. Not Ideal For Every Customer

Labeling is cool, but it’s unnecessary for people who don’t understand its importance. For instance, for customers who are unable to read, labeling won’t make a vast difference. However, packaging will if the product safety is considered.

3. Require Standardized Criteria

The labeling process is effective only if the company is manufacturing a standardized level of products. There are several conditions like weight, height, density, and mass which govern the packaging criteria. Deciding all these is a time-consuming process.

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Packaging Should Be More Than A Container

Lastly, the packaging of a product should be much more than a normal container. Specific materials must be used so that the items can be protected from wear and tear as much as possible. Some of the best packaging items include Bubble Cushioning, Packing paper, paperboard, fiberboard, etc.

Furthermore, if it’s a food item or health product, there is a necessity for extra caution since temperature control becomes a bigger factor there. A last piece of advice is that don’t run after sophistication, do packaging in such a way that the job gets done right.

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