Industrial Applications of Aluminum Sheets

In the manufacturing industry, aluminum is the metal of choice that can withstand corrosion and yield high strength for tough applications. As leading aluminum sheet distributors in UAE, Bin Dasmal General Trading supplies non-toxic aluminum that can be used for applications involved in food packaging, automotive, heavy machinery, construction, and aviation industries.

Let us look into how aluminum sheets are used for various applications. 

  • Transportation industry
    As the need to save fuel and reduce carbon emissions is increasing, manufacturers have been resorting to use aluminum in different modes of transportation. It features strength and lightness to build automobile parts. Its lighter frames also contribute to better fuel efficiency. Aluminum sheets are also suitable for the development of nameplates made of metal and other related products. 

  • Food & packaging industry
    Aluminum is naturally resistant to corrosion and has an anti-bacterial surface which is non-toxic to food products. It can be used to aesthetically design containers, cans and other packaging products which gives the packaging industry a versatile solution for recyclable packaging. Its recyclable properties make it one of the most environmentally friendly metals on the planet. 

  • Electronics industry 

As technology continues to advance, manufacturers diversify their use of aluminum. Its lightweight properties make it more ductile than copper and can be used as a long-distance powerline. It can also be used to formulate boxes, sound systems and household appliances. Some electronics that we use daily also are made from aluminum. These include smartphones, laptops and televisions that need to be sleek and durable. Aluminum is a good conductor of heat and it also helps in keeping electronic devices from overheating.

  • Aviation industry 

Aluminum sheets are built into aircraft components because of their sturdy structure. They are used in wing panes, feeling blocks, ball bearings, doors, engine turbines etc. Aluminum has improved fuel efficiency for airplanes as a viable option due to its light structure. 

When you need to choose the thickness of your aluminum sheets, kinds of aluminum sheets are best for your specific application. Thinner sheets and foils can be used for labels and tags and thicker sheets are good for uses where structural stability is necessary. 

Bin Dasmal General Trading supplies wide variety of aluminum products from Garmco, one of the recognized aluminum products manufacturers. These aluminum products are internationally certified to be of credible quality, low maintenance and can be used for coatings, adhesives, sealants, thermal Insulation, pipes, compressors, Condensers, evaporators, controls, and much more. 


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