Katara Cultural Village announces Football World Cup events for

Katara Cultural Village Foundation has lined up a batch of captivating mega-events to amuse Football World Cup followers through the passe of the tournament. With scores of varied and thrilling events, the Katara celebrations potential to be one of the highlights of the Qatar Football World Cup which Qatar has assured to be the best.

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Katara Cultural Village announces Football World Cup events for followers

Speaking at a press session at Katara Cultural Village on Monday, Dr. Khalid Ibrahim Al-Sulaiti, General Manager, and Khalid Al Sayed, Director, Events & Cultural Affairs, supposed the main sporting event in the world which Qatar is hosting proposals for Katara a unique chance to showcase the brighter features of Qatari culture and inheritance to the world. Among the Football World Cup revels comprise cultural, artistic, heritage, and original events. There will be 51 events that cover more than 300 actions, with the contribution of 22 nations.

“We promise our guests that, at the time of the Football World Cup, they will witness several doings which will be full of originality and novelty in which Qatari and world cultures will shine all of these hosted by Katara, which is the combined cultural village that cartels culture, arts, and sports,”

“There is no hesitation that this historic event, which Qatar is pleased to host as the first Arab and Middle Eastern country, establishes an exceptional chance to present the bright side of authentic Qatari and Arab ethos and traditions, letting the nations of the world to get familiar carefully with our culture, standards, and the society,” Dr. Al Sulaiti supposed.

Katara Cultural Village announces Football World Cup events for followers

Football World Cup events by Katar Cultural Village

The events will be alienated into five main categories: concerts, exhibitions, festivals, live shows, and events, and will run from 18 November to 18 December 2022. All Katara amenities and streets will be in an incessant, festive mood with cultural doings throughout this retro, which will donate to highlighting Qatar’s ethos, inheritance, and individuality to foreign guests.

“Our impartial is to offer our visitors at Katara some unforgettable and pleasant moments through numerous programs and doings. They will spend some of their best and gladdest moments with us,” supposed Khalid Al Sayed.

Among the most significant events comprise the 12th edition of the Katara International Traditional Dhow Festival, which hut light on the antique maritime history meant at reinstating culture and preservative folk heritage. The centenary showcases the legacy of Qatar’s families, to give the cultural and popular legacy to the guests of the Football World Cup.

Also comprised in the program are the Street Arts Festival, which will be detained in all the streets of Katara, and will give actors, artists, and musicians a chance to perform easily in front of their audience, both separately or together.

The Katara reveals schedule throughout the #FootballWorldCup #Qatarworldcup #Katara will be the perfect terminus for #football fans, the vibrant atmosphere. The followers will also attend concerts obtainable by international groups from Argentina, the UK, and several Arab countries, as music is a worldwide language shared by all.

Katara Cultural Village announces Football World Cup events for followers

Katara will also host art displays and events from the Dominican Republic, Uruguay, Paraguay, Ecuador, Bosnia, Mexico, Indonesia, Russia, and Iran. On Arab inheritance, there will be displays on ceramics, the Oud gadget, and Arabic lettering, as well as activities for children. Katara has also launched an inventiveness to promote books by awarding 22 books from Katara Publishing House in both Arabic and English.

In addition, all Qatari publication houses will meet below one roof at Katara. There will also be doings of the Clock Club, the Novel Center, the Sadu Center, the Fashion Center, the Kahraman Center, and other events. Source and cover image credit. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

Arab characters note Qatar’s exertions in organizing an excellent Football World Cup edition

The admirations of International and Arab characters and athletes are still constant with admiration for the good groundwork made by the State of Qatar to host an excellent and unparalleled edition of the Qatar Football World Cup through both media declarations and gossip, stating their combined belief that Football World Cup in Qatar will establish a milestone in the history of the tournament since it has been hurled in the 1930s.

Katara Cultural Village announces Football World Cup events for followers

The characters with their numerous people established that the State of Qatar will reveal to the world its unparalleled arrangements that have never been before awarded to any other object, and will present an imposing football world cup at all levels, noticing that the State of Qatar is fully ready to hold this global event, and there are unparalleled services that are pending the visitors, followers, FIFA officials, and all Doha visitors, counting the special hospitality as established by President of FIFA Giovanni Infantino in multiple times. 

In this setting, the former associate of the Tunisian Parliament Eyed Dahmani supposed in his comments to the Tunisian radio station Mosaique FM that all Arabs are badly pending the launch of the Qatar Football World Cup in its Qatari version on the first Arab and Middle East country, emphasizing that the world will be awe-struck by watching the premium assistance and high-level of services, counting excellent stadiums and the good group that will enable the followers to follow more than one game per day, in an unparalleled accomplishment, the representative that the State of Qatar has been making this event for over a period to excite the world.

In footings of the high excellence of all facilities that will disclose what an Arab country can make for a major event like the Qatar Football World Cup, mortar out that the faultless legacy in organizing a series of major worldwide tournaments, counting its track record in this admiration, chiefly FIFA Arab Cup 2021, 2019 World Athletics Championships, FINA World Finals, and other major sporting events will noticeably boost the prospects by watching the excellent tournament in an excellent country.

For his portion, Portuguese previous footballer and football boss Fernando Mira supposed that Qatar is an imposing country that offers chances for football lovers and those who adore competence, adding that the contest is a chance for the State of Qatar and the region, noticing the imposing and incredible development of football in Qatar.

Katara Cultural Village announces Football World Cup events for followers

In his declarations within the legends of the Football World Cup series, about his career in the stadiums and Qatar Football World Cup, the Portuguese former footballer tinted his expectation on this tournament by the maxim that the chance that the State of Qatar has had to establish this year football world cup signifies a great chance for the country, the region and the football the situation, noting that Qatar presently offers the chance for football and expertise lovers, not only at the local level, then also at the internal level, emphasizing that the whole spectators will be astonished for the modern preparations, imposing stadiums, good organization, and warm welcome.

The Jordanian writer Samih Al-Maaytah piercing to the good training made by the State of Qatar to organize an excellent edition of the Qatar Football World Cup, proverb that the attainment of hosting the FIFA world cup by Qatar is chiefly an Arab achievement, the representative that the Qatari people are permitted to be proud of the full arrangements made to this event.

Al-Maaytah sharp out in his article published by Al Ghad Newspaper that the Arab people must contribute to the State of Qatar and its people, a few weeks beforehand the start of the Football World Cup, adding that he is proud of this Arab attainment, seeing the organization of Qatar Football World Cup on the terrain of an Arab country by Qatari hands as a matter of pride, particularly that the whole world will learn the imposing evolution the State of Qatar can offer, counting great competences in all fields.

Katara Cultural Village announces Football World Cup events for followers

He added that he is very happy for the chance the State of Qatar has had to organize the football world cup, noting that Qatar has been working for over a period to achieve the highly urbane structure, where the world will observe an unparalleled tournament in a few weeks gaining, in terms of group and technical features, particularly that the footballers will come to Doha in full physical training, which is attainment for every Arab country as is also attainment for Qatar and its substantial people, he added. 

For his share, the Jordanian writer Muhammad Al-Habarneh renowned that the State of Qatar has been employed for years to make an enthused edition of the football world cup and has completely upgraded all its road and facility networks, in accumulation to founding stadiums with worldwide standards which are rare in the Arab region, mortar out that Qatar has also ready itself to obtain over million and a half followers from around the world, emphasizing that Qatar has been enticing the world’s courtesy to every event it organizes whether in footings of game, economy or policy.

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