Law courses after 12th

The most common law courses after 12th are:





These law courses after 12th are dual integrated degrees that complete in 5 years, thus saving 1 year.

While a traditional LLB, completes in 6 years 3 years for graduating & 3 years for LLB.

India is having the highest case pendency in the world with around 3 crore cases pending in courts.

This adds to the agony of the victims because justice delayed is justice denied.

For the largest democracy in the world India, the rule of law & an accommodative justice system safeguarding the rights of its citizens is paramount.

These observations have prompted me to start law courses after 12th.

Legal education is the foundation of a vibrant democracy because it protects the rights of every citizen. Gone are the days when illiteracy was rampant & people got exploited because of lack of legal knowledge? With India spearheading into the 21st century, we should protect the rights of its citizens for the benefit of all.

India is the 5th largest economy in the world which has surpassed its former colonizer UK, showing the resilience of its people.

Further, all sections of the society receive protection under the India Judicial system because our Constitutions accords protection against exploitation.

India needs competent legal professionals who can get appointed as Judges to dispose these cases. The onus lies on HEI who can nurture enough legal professionals so that they dispose of cases faster.

The Venkateshwara Group, in collaboration with the Bar Council of India (BCI) has started the 5 years integrated BALLB course to meet the growing demand for legal professionals.

Law courses after 12th Arts

The BALLB is the most common law course after 12th arts because it offers dual integrated degrees of BA & LLB in 5 years. The advantage of pursuing BALLB is that students of all stream Arts/Commerce/Science can pursue it as its multi-disciplinary, offering a plethora of opportunities.

While seeking admission, please ensure that the Bar Council of India (BCI) has approved the course because it regulates legal education in the country.

BALLB eligibility – Minimum percentage of marks in the qualifying or higher examination for General Category shall be 45%, for OBC 42% and for SC/ST 40%. Fractions must not be rounded up to the minimum percentage already established.

We provide experiential learning by making students practice in Moot courts and running legal clinics for the vulnerable sections of the society. These clinics attract many victims, thus providing a healthy platform for students to hone their litigation skills. Learning by doing is learning for life, hence the Venkateshwara Group organizes legal competitions that allow students to refine their professional skills.

With the service sector making up 50% of our GDP, a career in legal services is a viable and reliable option because multiple legal firms are beginning operations in the country. These firms require skilled professionals to provide legal aid to overseas clients and resolve their cases in time.

In the recent few years, the global spending on legal services LPO is over $680-690 billion (of which United States and Europe account for 60%). With such demand for legal services, corporations and law firms need to handle the large volumes while keeping costs in check and maintaining profitability.

This is where LPO comes into the picture, wherein principal firms delegate core legal functions to external counsel to complete the assigned task based on set parameters and fixed timelines.

India’s vast number of lawyers who are proficient in English and trained in common law is likely to account for 11.01 USD of the global Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) requirement by 2025, which is estimated to be at $35.9 billion.

Law courses after 12th commerce

The most common law courses after 12th commerce are BCOMLLB and BBALLB, which commerce students can pursue after 12th. Both offer integrated dual degrees, thus saving 1 year for the candidate.

The duration of these courses is 5 years, and they arm the candidate with a dual qualification of BCOM coupled with a LLB degree. The law quotient of these integrated courses remains the same, whether one pursues BALLB, BBALLB, BCOMLLB, or BSCLLB.

Law courses after 12th science

BSCLLB is the integrated law course after 12th science if one wants to pursue BSC while candidates can also pursue BALLB, BCOMLLB or BBALLB as per their interest.

Which law course is best after 12th?

All the integrated law courses explained earlier are good depending on the inclination of the candidate. These law courses after 12th offer the advantage of dual integrated degrees, thus saving 1 year for the candidate. The courses are in high demand owing to the need for speedy justice in the country.

The Government is setting up fast track courts for speedy disposal of crimes against women & children. These institutions require skilled professionals who can provide credible evidence leading to a timely conviction of the perpetrators.

We at the Venkateshwara Group strive to develop a competent pool of legal professionals who can timely resolve complex cases and provide justice to the victim.

Further, the legal profession is evergreen because the occurrence of cybercrimes has underlined the need for judicial officers who can provide justice to the victim.

With India rapidly adopting digitization, the financial & cyber frauds are on the rise, underlining the need for tech savvy legal professionals. The IT labs at Venkateshwara group offer the ideal atmosphere where students refine their IT skills so that they handle such cases with ease.

Under the watchful eyes of experienced faculty, the budding lawyers master the art of litigation & work for timely justice to all. A regular visit to Supreme Court & district courts ensures the students learn by interacting with experienced advocate’s further adding value to their profile.

We conduct regular seminars inviting experts who enlighten on the intricacies of the legal system & the best practices of the profession. Our legal clinics at destitute places help students learn the practical skills of filing the case so that they develop hands-on skills vital for lawyers.

I invite you all to embark on a successful legal career by enrolling in the best law courses after 12th at VGI.

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