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Right to fight, justice and freedom 

Access to justice is a fundamental right of all of us. It has been said that the right to ‘speedy trial’ is an essential part of the fundamental right to life and liberty.  When the client approaches a lawyer to get this right in the court, the role of a lawyer becomes important.  We all also know that there has been an unprecedented increase in the need for lawyers in recent times due to the pendency of cases in the courts.  This is also because lawyers are considered as a medium through which justice can be obtained without any hindrance. Truzieinternational is one of the renowned Law Firm  in Gurgaon that helps you in fighting for justice.

Relationship between a lawyer and a client

In India, a lawyer’s relationship with his client is primarily a matter of contract law.  The relationship is in the nature of agent and principal.  There are many Law Firm in Gurgaon that make an agreement between the lawyer and the client. This agreement between the client and the lawyer determines the extent to which the lawyer can bind his client by his acts and statements, what will be the remuneration of the lawyer, the extent to which the lawyer will render his services to the client, etc. Although what is often not written in the agreement, it is an important part of this agreement, is the responsibilities, duties of a lawyer towards his client. We at Truzieinternational understands our responsibilities towards our clients and completes them with all our efforts.

Can’t refuse to appear in hearing 

Significantly, professional ethics require that a lawyer cannot refuse to attend a briefing provided that a client is willing to pay the lawyer’s fees, and the lawyer is not otherwise engaged.  Therefore, no action or direction of the Bar Association in the country, in passing such a resolution, that none of its members (lawyers) shall appear on its behalf in the case of any one particular accused, whether on the ground that he is a policeman or on the ground that he is a suspected terrorist, rapist, murderer, etc., against all norms of the constitution, law, and professional ethics. Some renowned Property Lawyer in Gurgaon guarantee to attend each and every hearing of the case. It is also the responsibility of the lawyer not to refuse to appear for the client (for reasons other than those stated above).  We also understand that a lawyer should always respect the court and follow ‘professional ethics.  It may be noted that the Advocates Act 1961 provides that every advocate whose name is entered in the State Roll has the legal right to practice anywhere in India.  An advocate can appear for any person in all courts including the Supreme Court. Truzieinternational provides lawyer’s services in Gurgaon.


Non-disclosure of communication between the client and himself 

A lawyer must not, in any way, directly or indirectly, disclose the communication made by his client to anyone.  He shall also not disclose the advice given by him to the client throughout the proceedings.  However, he is liable to disclose the communication if it is in contravention of section 126 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872. 

Considering the interests of his client paramount 

It is the duty of a lawyer to boldly defend his client’s interests in fair and respectful ways.  An advocate shall do so without regard to any untoward consequence to himself or anyone else.  He shall protect the interests of a person accused of an offence, regardless of his personal opinion.  We at Truzieinternational take care of our client very well and handle the case considering it as our own case. We are one of the most prestigious Cyber Lawyer in Gurgaon that believes in ‘Your Victory, Our Victory.’

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