Mischa Barton Watched “Framing Britney Spears”


“I remember thinking, ‘Jesus, this poor girl.'”

Mischa Barton says that watching Framing Britney Spears really hit home for her — because she was right there as it was all happening.

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The documentary looked back on the intense tabloid and paparazzi coverage that Britney faced in the early 2000s, which Mischa dealt with as well.

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“I felt all the feels when I watched the Britney doc because I was there at those clubs and those parties and down the street when all of that was happening. Literally would’ve been in the background, but not quite,” Mischa told E! News.

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And even though the constant media scrutiny was “happening to” her too, she couldn’t help but feel “so sorry” for Britney.

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“I remember thinking, ‘Jesus, this poor girl.’ And her getting sucked into the wrong people pretending to want to be her friend — that happened to me too. A lot of that weirdness,” Mischa shared.

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Mischa noted that at the time, people condemned Britney for “being a ‘psycho,'” but she was really just a mother going through a mental health crisis.

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“If you look at it like a mother who’s just about to lose her children, who was told three days before by a judge she’s going to have her kids taken away from her, and then she’s being hounded by the paparazzi to within an inch of her life—like, she’s going through a meltdown. Then you realize, when put in context, those pictures — you can see the anger and the passion of just like, ‘Get away from me. Let me breathe,'” Mischa explained.

She added that the photos of herself taken by the paparazzi also captured a difficult time in her life.

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“I look back at some of it, and you can see that pain of having to deal with so much all at once. First loves and breakups and betrayals and all sorts of ups and downs and that kind of treatment,” she said.

Mischa continued, “If I put one foot out of place, my agents would call me up and be like, ‘Nope, you lost the role because they saw you out at wherever, and you just don’t get the job now.’ I remember a lot of that stuff really devastated me.”

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At that time, she had no place to defend herself and couldn’t explain her actions, which is why she’s grateful for social media today.

“It…does give these girls an opportunity to show their side of the story and justify why they were out at a club that night or got in a fight with their boyfriend that evening or whatever happened. They have a way to dispel that rumor machine that was strong in the early ’00s,” Mischa explained.

And even though she didn’t have social media to defend herself when she needed it most, she’s still “happy and grateful” for all the opportunities that came along with her fame.


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