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The Need for a Property Lawyer 

Cases are increasing rapidly in the courts of the country.  Sometimes clients get cheated by their own lawyers.  This is often seen in property or other matters. Sometimes the opposing parties may be close relatives of the lawyer appointed.  In such a situation, it is important for the client to know about their lawyer. Truzi International provides Best Property Lawyer in Gurgaon

Buying one’s dream home is a significant milestone in everyone’s life. No one wants to experience any kind of problems, legal troubles or hurdles while dealing with property. Most of us believe that a property dealer or an agent is a must while dealing with property of any kind and for any purpose, be it, renting your property, selling your property, taking a property on rent, buying a property etc. But we forgot about hiring a good property lawyer while dealing with property matters. In fact, most people don’t even know the importance of hiring the Best Property Lawyer in Gurgaon. 

What’s the point of fighting legal battles later on? 

Nowadays, there are many kinds of projects related to property. Some builders offer ready to move flats, while some offer to first invest in it and then wait for a few years to get the keys of the flat. These investments are risky as there had been many cases of frauds where builders couldn’t complete the project within stipulated time or ran away after taking all the collected money. People also fall prey to such frauds as they think that as the bank had financed the project and it was registered, the project was legally safe to invest. Now, after experiencing such a fraud, people then turn to the Best Property Lawyer in Gurgaon when the damage is already done. 

Ironically, people trust and even pay a larger amount of money to property dealers or agents than to lawyers. The Best Property Lawyer in Gurgaon helps you in checking the authenticity of the property and property related legal documents. Some countries have in fact made it compulsory the presence of a property lawyer at specific points in the property process, to help buyers understand the legal process and avoid future litigation.  There is a clear injunction against conflicts of interest and the real estate attorney can only represent the buyer or seller.  In India, home buyers are not legally required to hire a lawyer to buy or sell a property.  In addition, finding a trusted property lawyer is challenging. There are two reasons why an average home buyer in India may not hire a lawyer during property purchase.  One, the lack of education on the importance of due diligence and second, property prices are high compared to income levels, thereby motivating the average buyer to avoid extra expenses. 

What does a Property Lawyer do for a Buyer? 

The Best Property Lawyer in Gurgaon is required in three distinct phases – pre-purchase,  during the purchase and also after the purchase. In the pre-purchase stage, the buyer needs to know whether the builder has the necessary clearances of the property. During the purchase, due care is taken with the documents signed by the buyer.  Know what papers you are signing. In all likelihood, you will be signing an allotment letter, also known as a booking form or agreement for sale, which is on stamp paper.  It means that you have given your consent and hence, taking back is a difficult task. Even during the purchase, you need to sign those papers and be careful with the payment made to the builder or broker.  After the purchase and till you get the handover of the property, the time limit for delay and ensure that  to make sure the layout is as per approval etc. needs to be checked. 

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