PSD to HTML Conversion: A Step by Step Quick Book

The world is changing, and tech-savvy people rock the show everywhere because technology has taken its grip on every part of our lives. So, entrepreneurs shouldn’t lose this opportunity to incentivize their business by upgrading their technological prowess. Websites are now crucial to every business to sustain their growth in a highly competitive world today. Nevertheless, if you want to create a creative and unique website, PSD to HTML conversion is an excellent approach to attaining that goal. Indeed, with this method, you can create a PSD file according to your needs and requirements then choose a PSD to HTML developer to accomplish the conversion for a top-of-the-line website. Here we check all the steps by converting Photoshop Documents to HTML and CSS code. 

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Here are the steps for the conversion process:

Slice the PSD

First of all, PSD files have to be chopped into different layers. Slicing the PSD brings numerous benefits to your website. Firstly, you can separate non-static and static content like images. Secondly, the sliced version will make HTML pages load faster. This is because a single (not sliced) PSD will take a lot of time to load. 

Photoshop offers numerous tools for slicing files. Here are the options for slicing:

  • Normal
  • Fixed Aspect Ratio
  • Fixed Size
  • Slices from Guides

Once the file has been sliced, save the cut version using the “Save for the web” menu. 

Create directories

Creating directories for all the files is a good practice that enables you to manage and organize the data easily. The following directories have to be made:

  • One main folder for the website name.
  • Create a folder with the “Images” name under the main folder to save all the images that exist in your PSD file. 
  • Create another folder with “style.css” for stylesheets.

Create HTML code

Once you have created all the required folders, now you need to make the HTML code. There are many open-source HTML code editors like Microsoft Visual Studio Code, Sublime Text, Notepad++, etc., that you can use to write the code. You should write the code in a new “index.html” file and save it in the Main folder. Here are the sections of HTML Code:

  • Header
  • Sidebar
  • Menu
  • Footer
  • Body

Write HTML code for all these sections as per your PSD file. 

Create style file and JavaScript code

Once your code is HTML, you need to give it style and color with CSS. Open the style.css file then add some CSS. You can use the Bootstrap framework for more scope on styling. It can be used for personalizing the appearance of your site. Add the colors and styles that fit your PSD well and enhance it as per your need. Besides CSS, you also need to add JavaScript to make your site interactive. 

JavaScript code makes your static site interactive for users. To build a top-notch website, you can take advantage of jQuery and other JavaScript libraries and frameworks like AngularJS, React.js, etc. These frameworks and libraries are pretty helpful for making dynamic front end and offer a robust way for user interactions. 

Make it responsive

You can use different frameworks for creating responsive code that will make your site compatible with multiple web browsers and devices. The final HTML will render according to different devices, and the users will have a pleasing experience with your site.

Wrapping up!

Websites have become essential for businesses, and creating a unique one is important to get an edge over competitors. One of the best methods to build an attractive and creative website is to convert PSD to HTML. You can have a PSD design of your ideal website then create HTML code accordingly to make the perfect web solution for your business. It is an excellent way to build the right website to fulfill your aspirations. 

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