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The managers of the Football World Cup in Qatar are paying for groups of soccer followers to travel to the tournament Football World Cup next month, stating on Monday they are putting them for constructive comments on social media in coming back. The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy (SC) proved the policy of welcoming groups of supporters to the matches as guests after articles by Dutch public broadcaster NOS, who spoke on Sunday that Qatar was paying for trips and hotels for a group of 50 Dutch followers.

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In coming back these fans have had to sign a code of behaviour, forcing them to post favourable comments just about the tournament Football World Cup on social media and to article any insulting, demeaning, or insulting comments by others to the SC, rather than screenshots. The broadcaster cited two Dutch supporters who stated they had been chosen by the tournament’s organizers as Fan Leaders, and who included that they had been invited to pick a group of 50 loyal followers for the free trip to Qatar.

As the tournament Football World Cup nears, we have encouraged our most effective fan leaders to personally elect a small selection of followers to join us as our guests, as a manner of thanking them for their partnership, a spokesman for the SC told Reuters. On its website, the Qatar Football World Cup describes its Fan Leaders program as a group of around 400 followers and influencers from 60 countries who have presented insights, content creation, research, and message increase, for the tournament Football World Cup.

The organizers did not say how many followers they had welcomed or offer any economic features. In its code of behaviour, the SC asks the Fan Leaders to agree to integrate its content into their social media posts and to support the Football World Cup by liking and re-sharing posts by third groups about the tournament World Cup.

It also said that supporters are not likely to be a puppet for Qatar but added it would not be proper to disparage Qatar, the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy, or the Football World Cup. Belgian and French media have also stated that selected groups of followers from these countries were presented with a free trip to the Football World Cup by Qatar.

All you need to know about the country before the Qatar Football World Cup

Dark shadows hung over the Qatar Football World Cup in Qatar nearly from day one. Not only were there worries about holding the sports race in a sweltering desert, allegations of fraud around Qatar’s bid soon began to spread. FIFA launched a two-year inquiry into these claims, discovering no major concerns. Only a taint stayed for some.

Soon there were more accusations that migrant workers gave in to build the transportation necessary for the cup were human being abused and abused. Qatari agencies deny this. Then what do we know about Qatar? Here is a common outline of the country.

Qatar is a seaside country in the Middle East, neighbouring Saudi Arabia. Qatar is kind of a distinctive place, says Pete Pattisson, a reporter, who has studied the treatment of low-wage workers in the country. Qataris make up about 12% of the people. Like Saudi Arabia, Wahabism is the major variation of Islam, usually deemed more important and moderate.

Almost 90% of the people are immigrants mainly from South Asia, although also from East Africa. Most of these migrant workers are single men who work in areas like building, hospitality, and protection, though women also travel for housekeeping and childcare jobs.

Qatar is a very categorized, graded society, Pattisson told Euro news. People from South Asia and East Africa are way down at the bottom. They live similar lives to everybody else in Qatar, mainly the white what we call ex-pats, who are migrant workers. A highly critical 2020 UN acknowledged serious fears of structural racism and prejudice opposed to non-nationals, discovering that a faults caste system happens in the country.

What is the history of Qatar?

Qatar is a kingdom, with the emir or King mostly calling the shots. Earlier gaining autonomy in 1971, the tiny gulf state was a territory of Britain, with London managing their foreign dealings and delivering security. Unlike in other old colonies, Allen James Fromherz, who wrote Qatar Rise to Power and Influence, alleges there was not any real push by Qatar’s chiefs for the British to leave welcome their military security. Large numbers of demonstrations by the public opposed to the British and the decision extended family took place before freedom.

Qatar’s emir, Sheikh Tamim Bin Hamad al-Thani directly appoints ministers usually family members and one-third of the Shura Council, a law-making council, even though the others are chosen. Though a lot of discussion goes on in the wake of closed doors, power is mostly in the hands of the Emir, who eventually controls political choices, law-making, and the judiciary. Political gatherings are outlawed. The problem in Qatar, speaks Rothna Begum, a scientist at Human Rights Watch, is that their laws restrict freedom of appearance, and organization and make it tough for anybody who needs to do work on women’s rights or something like that.

This goes politics to play out on Twitter, where liberal voices, such as the LGBTQ+ community or women’s rights are exposed to online abuse and death threats, she speaks. Freedom House, an NGO observing political rights and civil liberties, ranks Qatar as not free.

How powerful is Qatar?

Qatar is the third wealthiest country in the world, calculated by GDP per capita. Much of this is due to its vast oil and gas assets, which are also the third largest in the world. A large exporter of Liquified Natural Gas, Fromherz says the effect of the Ukraine war has bolstered Qatar’s monetary hand by causing energy prices to point.

All along with the United States, Qatar is one of the major providers and options to Russia, he said Euro news. It is in the vital tactical interests now of Europe, which wants to make sure that petrol gas keeps flowing. Russia has cut chiefly off gas supplies to Europe in retribution for sanctions levied on it following its incursion of Ukraine. European countries are struggling to find new energy resources, ahead of what could be a tough winter. But Qatar doesn’t just have the financial muscle. Flush with petro-dollars, it recognized itself as a world media hub, making Al Jazeera in 1996.

“Qatar has huge amounts of soft power, speaks Fromherz. More than any other nation in the whole area.”

In difference to hard power, which entails using force to get your way, soft power is the capability to change others through society and values. Hosting the Football World Cup is part of this petition. This year Qatar will grow into the first country in the entire Middle East and North Africa region to host the Football World Cup. Worldwide Tickets and Hospitality offers Football World Cup tickets for the Qatar Football World Cup at the best prices. Football fanatics and buy Football World Cup Tickets at exclusively discounted prices.

“Qatar is attempting to show itself off to the world as a major international player, speaks Begum. It’s a big deal.”

Why is the Qatar Football World Cup so controversial?

Then this worldwide spotlight is not all clear. Some 30,000 workers were brought into Qatar to build the stadiums and structures needed for the Football World Cup, according to Pattisson. He tells the situation for the millions of migrants in Qatar, who have filled its huge infrastructure development over the last two years, was already dire.

The Football World Cup made things worse only to the point that it meant that more people were susceptible to abuse. Slave wages, unsafe working conditions, forced labour, and passport exclusions, alongside large numbers of inexplicable and uninvestigated deaths, have all been extensively documented by human rights organizations and journalists in Qatar, which Pattisson called the human tragedy behind the cup. Qatar rejects these claims, with emir Al Thani telling in October that his country has faced an extraordinary war of criticism leading up to the challenge. Underlying all this speaks Pattisson, is Qatar’s Kafala scheme, a form of sponsorship backed up by the law prohibiting workers from switching jobs without their employer’s consent.

“If you can’t change the job, then there’s no reason for the employer to take care of you,” he told. “You have a regulated workforce.”

Until recently there was no minimum wage in Qatar. In response to these claims, Qatari authorities eliminated the Kafala system and proposed a minimum salary though detractors tell the rules are not enforced.

“Exploitation is hard-baked into the system,” stated Pattison.

What are LGBTQ+ rights like in Qatar Throughout Football World Cup?

The therapy of the LGBTQ+ community also affects concerns in Qatar. A testimony by Human Rights Watch, printed in October, found that the country’s security powers have randomly detained lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender people, exposing them to ill-treatment in custody.

The LGBTQ+ population is forced to live private lives, speaks Begum. They must do all in secret and hope that they don’t get noticed. Like the situations faced by migrant labourers, the plight of Qatar’s LGBTQ+ community has also come under the limelight.

Then this emphasis has had the opposite impact speaks Begum, claiming that anti-gender or anti-LGBT outlook has strengthened. In some odd way, we now have a social criticism of like LGBT people and issues being as Western, she stated. People are pushing back and coming out with all sorts of horribly insulting and homophobic things online.

Last year Qatari authorities confiscated rainbow-coloured toys, deeming them un-Islamic. FIFA and Qatar remain to face inquiries over the treatment of the LGBTQ+ community, foreign workers, as well as women. There’s a PR battle getting on now with the Qataris and FIFA saying it’s all good now. But, honestly speaking, most human rights groups and reporters who go on the ground have a very distinct story to tell, added Pattison.

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