Reinforcement steel bar: Everything you need to know

Steel reinforcement bars, or rebars, are used to improve the tensile strength of concrete, which we all know is important because concrete is weak in tension but strong in compression. The steel reinforcement’s tensile property will prevent and minimize concrete cracks under tension loads. Steel is only used as rebar because its elongation at high temperatures is nearly equal to that of concrete.

Steel bars and mesh are made in steel mills around the world from iron ore and recycled steel. While iron ore is an excellent material, recycling steel is more energy efficient and has other advantages such as reduced pollution and natural resource exhaustion. Rebars must have some form of identification that can be used to identify the mill that manufactured the reinforcing steel bar. They are hot-rolled from various steel materials.

When compared to galvanized and coated steels, stainless steels are easier to handle, manipulate, and weld, and they can withstand damage and abrasion during installation. Steel reinforcement is a superior reinforcing material when compared to other reinforcing materials. They are as follows:

  1. Compatibility with Concrete: The new concrete is poured onto a formwork mold that has already been reinforced. During the concrete placement procedure, the steel reinforcement will not float. As a result, steel reinforcement does not necessitate any special tying up with formworks.
  2. Robustness of Steel Reinforcement: Steel reinforcement bars are so strong that they can withstand the severity, wear and tear of construction activities.
  3. Bent Property of Steel Reinforcement: Steel reinforcement can be bent to the required shape, size, and specification, despite the fact that steel bars are manufactured in standard sizes. As a result, fabricated steel bars can be easily delivered on-site.
  4. Recycling Property: Steel reinforced left over from a structure’s service life is recycled and reused for new construction.
  5. Easily Available: It is easily accessible in any region. Every country’s region will have a steel supplier or manufacturer. As a result, steel reinforcement is readily available.
  6. Elastic :Steel reinforcement has a high solidity to weight ratio, implying that it has a high quality per unit mass. As a result, regardless of how large the overall structure is, the steel areas will be small and lightweight, in contrast to other building structure materials.

Saudi National Steel Factory (SNS) is a reputable steel manufacturing company in Saudi Arabia. It is a fully owned subsidiary of Al Nasser Industrial Enterprises L.L.C (ANIE), a renowned industrial conglomerate with manufacturing operations in sectors such as steel, polymers, structural fabrication, and industrial intermediates throughout the AGCC and MENA region, with headquarters in Abu Dhabi, UAE. They have an ISO 9001:2015 certification. If you are looking for reinforcement steel bars, contact them.

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