Selecting a Matchless Dedicated Windows Hosting In London

Several businesses rely upon Microsoft’s matchless dedicated Windows hosting to host special applications such as ASP.NET sites, Exchange email servers, MS SQL server databases, Navision ERP system, Sharepoint applications, failover active directory hosting, etc.

However, discovering the apt web host that provides you with comprehensive Microsoft Hosting Solutions has always been a test for the end-users. Especially when you are searching for Windows hosting in London. Navicosoft is your destination for the best and cheap dedicated Windows hosting. Hence, we have the ability to host your site with trust as well as full remote access. Furthermore, we provide you full authority to select a desirable version of the server as soon as you sign up with Navicosoft. You can also shift or migrate to your requisite servers lately.

Let us overview some of the most significant aspects to ponder when you are searching for matchless dedicated windows hosting for your business:

Microsoft SPLA Partner

Microsoft allows you to use its licenses to manufacture web-based hosting servers using authorized SPLA partners only. Such volume licenses have a monthly recurrent fee based on the physical or virtual processors numbers of processors in your server or even on the number of user licenses. Therefore, you will have contact with the full suite of Microsoft licenses via SPLA partner. It is the only authentic way of utilizing licenses to produce a matchless dedicated windows hosting environment. Therefore it is the first significant step to opt for a hosting provider efficient enough to provide you with authentic as well as valid licenses according to the protocols laid down by Microsoft.

Sales Engineering Team for Understanding Microsoft Windows Licensing

It is imperative that the sales engineering team of a matchless dedicated windows hosting company is absolutely aware of optimizing the license usage to ensure that you are not overpaying for the licenses. Also, you need to ensure that you do not miss on significant terms of license usage, which is likely to become an issue later. In addition to this, Microsoft licensing is simply not the easiest one since there are many bits and pieces to take care of.

Microsoft Certified Technical Support

It takes a lot of effort to comprehend the fundamental architecture of Windows hosting in UK products. Hence it is best done with techs who have acquired Microsoft Certification for the products. You will need to get an expert in order to review your site hosting server, database, or hyper-v VPS hosting servers. You can do it regularly to make sure that they are executing everything at their very best. Hence you can absolutely secure it with the latest updates and patches applied.

Moreover, in case if you encounter any issue, you will need to have an expert to fix it professionally. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is accurately resolved. It gets your work done on time and assures you that such issues do not return again in the future. In addition to this, it takes several years of experience to work with Microsoft hosting servers to be efficient enough. Hence, you will need to ponder on revising the length of windows hosting in the UK service provided by your host. Navicosoft provides you with the greatest value in dedicated windows hosting. We are offering you a whole new best experience and a wide range of services to fit your hosting needs. We have a team of specialists providing you 24/7 support so that you do not have to face any difficulty.

Enterprise-Class Server Hardware

Microsoft products execute the best with sufficient resources such as RAM, CPU, SSD storage, etc. Hence you will certainly not like to have numerous server components getting out of service at regular intervals. It can affect your business site or even your application severely. Therefore, it is significant to make sure that your potential Microsoft host utilizes the best server hardware components. They are attested to operate in a 24/7 environment. In addition to this, enterprise servers from Dell, SuperMicro, etc., are commended along with spending Intel processors for efficient processing.

Moreover, it is highly essential to select the correct storage array for the server. The best approach will be to pick an enterprise SSD server as one of the solid-state drives. It provides exceptional performance for your site as well as hosting. Therefore, you will have to ensure that your host utilizes only enterprise-class constituents for servers in order to have a reliable Windows hosting in London experience. Also, it is worth considering that the hardware components, such as add-on cards, raid controllers, etc., need to be compatible. Hence if they are compatible with the Windows Server Systems you can avoid any possible issues at any later stage.

Get Your Matchless Windows Hosting in London Today!

If you are looking for windows hosting in London plan for a personal website or business site, Navicosoft is your spot. We make sure to offer you smart and reliable website development as well as exceptionally affordable hosting packages. Furthermore, we are an authorized partner with Plesk. Hence we are always there to fulfill your windows hosting in the UK needs with the best and cheap hosting servers.

We have a team of hard-working experts and professional pioneers to build a polished platform for the finest hosting services. Our windows hosting servers are a flawless fixture for stepping ahead with the latest technologies.

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