SEO as a Career Option in India – Why to Choose It


It’s been the subject of debate for some time now. Let’s talk about SEO as a possible career choice in India! SEO is a crucial aspect of the Digital Marketing field and is emerging as one of the top jobs-oriented computer courses, and it is getting more well-known in India.

There’s a shortage of skilled SEO experts in India, creating more opportunities for career advancement within SEO. There are many opportunities in the SEO field. Regardless of size or big, every business and organization is investing in SEO to be ranked highly on Google.

This article is about the reasons to consider SEO as a possible career choice. So, let’s take a look at it!

Learn about SEO and how to build an impact in the field?

The broad definition of SEO is called Search Engine Optimization. Search engines are crucial in bringing more visitors to websites. The main challenge for SEO staff is to ensure that their site remains at the top of search engines’ search results. The more successful they are in this endeavor, the more their products will be sold.

A website’s position can directly impact the value and income of a website since most Internet users select websites that show up on top searches in the top search results of Google. 

A search engine such as Google analyzes around 200 variables to provide the most desired outcomes of users’ searches and, based on that, the rank of a website or website is determined. SEO staff work to advertise their sites through Google and other search engines based on these elements.

SEO’s future and career prospects in India

Nowadays, SEO has emerged as an exciting career option. The demand for SEO professionals is rising because of increased awareness of digital technologies, rising online competition, the growing number of mobile and internet customers in India.

As I mentioned, SEO isn’t just an option for a job; it is a must-have skill that can help you develop a desirable career path as a professional in Digital Marketing. SEO is a part of Digital marketing that is expanding in India quickly. 

The process of learning SEO can be a good starting point for your career if you are interested in marketing, writing, websites, blogs, analytical writing, and developing new skills.

The best part about SEO is that you don’t require any qualifications; all you need is common sense, logic, patience, and commitment.

Skills required for a job in the SEO Field

Content and SEO personnel are only two essential aspects of any digital business, and they are so closely connected that they cannot be separated. 

Based on content, SEO formulates an approach to advertise the site. To do this, one must be proficient in programming and conversant in English, comprehend the content, and modify it.

How SEO Work

Two methods on any website can accomplish SEO: (1) SEO on-page, (2) Off-page SEO. Both are focused on content. However, there are some fundamental differences between them.

On-page SEO

The first point is that quality content must be written. It must contain a sufficient amount of keywords (words that people use to search on Google) and an SEO-friendly URL, keywords, and the content information of the image. Following this, the website must be listed on Google, and what terms are people searching the most for then content must be written on them.

Off-page SEO

Promoting content through social media platforms across the globe is covered under SEO off-page. The website needs to be featured on a bookmarking website Link building must be completed in exchange for guest posts for other websites, and also, the site must be listed on the blogs directory.

SEO training centers are in operation in every major city across the nation. Certificate courses from 3 to 6 months are available at these centers. Anyone in the 12th grade or higher educated student can be a part of this area. It is also possible to gain the basics of SEO via online sites.

SEO Career opportunities in India

The most appealing aspect of SEO jobs is that there are a variety of possibilities to choose from. You can work part-time or full-time, you can even start your own business, and so on.

Here are some career options in SEO to take into consideration.

  1. Partner with a reputable company or a startup to handle their SEO

  2. Join an SEO agency or a Digital marketing firm as an SEO executive to kick off your career

  3. You can be an SEO expert on behalf of more than one firm.

  4. Join an established company as SEO manager, Team leader, Consultant, etc.

  5. Offer SEO online training or join a training academy

  6. Find an SEO professional who is a freelancer and start taking SEO-related projects

  7. Start a blog and earn money from advertisements and affiliate marketing.

  8. Create your own SEO business

SEO job descriptions and other designations in India

You can begin your career as an SEO trainee or junior. SEO Executive at an excellent digital marketing firm. Train and master advanced SEO methods and enhance your expertise. 

Then you can begin moving toward SEO executive or Sr. Manager, Executive, and team manager. You could also become an expert in creating backlinks or creating articles. You can also improve your abilities and become adept at analytics, PPC, etc.

You can also study Google Analytics, Google Adwords and even become certified experts. It can help you improve your earnings and career.

How much do SEO professionals make in India?

The amount of SEO professionals earn in India is mainly contingent on knowledge, skills and experience, the job profile, job description, and location. For a typical fresher, SEO executive salaries start at Rs. 12,000.000 per month and goes up to the amount of Rs. 18,000.00 per month. 

You can earn more than the amount of Rs. 50,000.00 after four to five years of work experience.

 Learning skills such as Google Analytics, Google Adwords, and Content marketing can help you make more money, which could vary from Rs.50,000.00 up to Rs.1.5 1 lakh per month, depending on your educational background, job, and the company you work with.

If you are a freelance consultant and Content Writer, and Blogger, as well as an affiliate marketer, you could make a decent amount and live a comfortable life.


As we mentioned, SEO is not only an option for a career; SEO is a required skill that can help you build an impressive career path with Digital Marketing successfully. The SEO career path is an aspect of online marketing that rapidly grows in India.

It is an excellent way to get started on your career if you’re passionate about websites, marketing blogs, social media, and analytics and can adapt to new skills. The greatest thing about SEO is that it doesn’t require any special skills; what you need is determination, logic, judgment, patience, and commitment.

Recent studies show that SEO is vital to generating leads, and SEO will continue to be crucial for the advertising channel to attract new clients and then convert them. More businesses will allocate their marketing budgets to SEO, increasing the demand for skilled SEO experts in India.

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