Steps to clean your washing machine naturally

With time washing machines get dirty,soap scums build up,leaving you with a washer that seriously needs refreshment.

Running soap constantly through your washing machine will not clean it.If you are washing your clothes in a machine which smells then the odour will be transferred to the fabric.

Chemical cleaning solutions can damage your machine.It is better to make your own cleaning solution with natural ingredients like baking soda and white vinegar.

Here we will discuss how to clean both front load washers and top load washers using a homemade washing machine cleaner.

Tips to clean a front loading washing machine with vinegar and baking soda

Set your washing machine to the longest cycle

The first and most important step is to set your washing machine to the longest and hottest cycle.You need to turn your dials to the largest load to fill your washer.

Gather all your cleaning supplies like white vinegar,baking soda,spray bottle,tooth brush and microfiber cloth.

Spray white vinegar in the washer drum

You need to add white vinegar to a spray bottle and spray inside the washer drum.Wipe it with a microfiber cloth so that no surface remains untouched.

Add white vinegar to the drum

It is always better to prepare a diy washing machine cleaner for cleaning your washing machine.The first step for that is you need to add 4 cups of distilled white vinegar into the detergent dispenser and then run the washing machine on its longest cycle with the hottest water.

Add baking soda into the water
While the water fills the drum,add baking soda to mix it well throughout the washing machine.The vinegar will act with the baking soda to lift residues and clean the inside of the washing machine.

Wipe the rubber gaskets 

Wipe around the rubber gaskets to remove scum,mildew and even hair. Clean it all.Add vinegar onto a microfiber cloth and then clean the outside and inside of the door until it shines.Run it all along the entire front of the machine.

Agitate the water

Agitate the water and allow it to soak for 1 hour.Close the lid of the washing machine and allow the cycle to start.This will mix all the ingredients baking soda,vinegar and water thoroughly and will clean the entire drum.Around 1 minute later lift the lid to pause the cycle.

It is important to clean the bleach,detergent and fabric softener very well

Dip a toothbrush into the water in your machine,with its bristles all the wells.Focus on all areas having mildew forming on them.After scrubbing wipe them with a clean dishcloth.

You can also use a stiff bristled cleaning brush or sponge in place of a toothbrush.

Close the machine to complete the cycle

Close the lid of the machine and press start.You need to wait until the cycle is finished and the drum is drained of the solution.

It is best to clean the sides and top of the washing machine with a damp rag while the cycle is running.

Wipe the sides and bottom of the drum after the completion of the cycle

With a dishrag clean the residue from the interior of your washing machine.You can also dip one end of the rag into a mixture of warm water and vinegar to scrub troubled areas.

Tips to clean a front load washing machine using a homemade washing machine cleaner.

1)Remove mildew with a vinegar and a sponge

Put a sponge into a bowl of vinegar and slowly scrub beneath the plastic around the door of your washing machine.If the mildew doesn’t come up then soak it with vinegar for sometime.Wipe the seal with a paper towel.

2)Add White vinegar to the drum  

Pour vinegar into the bottom of the drum and close the door of the washing machine before moving on.If there is grumpy buildup then add half cup of vinegar to lose it.

3)Mix warm water and baking soda 

In a bowl mix 1/4th cup of water with baking soda.

Combine the solution and pour it into the wells where you will put the fabric softener,detergent and bleach.

This will clean all the wells when you run the machine.

4)Then run a normal cycle with hot water 

Put the temperature of the cycle to the hottest setting of the machine.Use the normal cycle or a heavy duty cycle so that the cleaner gets more time to soak into the drum.

Heat combined with vinegar and baking soda will destroy mildew or grime left inside the drum.

5)Use a rag to clean the drum 

With the help of a rag dampened in clean water, wipe away all the excess mold inside your washing machine.

If any grime stuck on during the cycle, scrap it with a scouring brush.

Why is it essential to clean your washing machine?

Soap residue and chemicals from the detergent get locked inside your washing machine and create a film which traps bacteria. Bacteria can clog the inner mechanism of your washing machine for which water will not be strong and detergent will not work properly.

The film of detergent can trap odor particles for which your washer may start to smell stinky.This smell can also come from your clothing.

You need to clean your washing machine to protect your family and your clothing.

How often do you clean your washing machine?

It is important to clean the inside and outside of your washer once a month.If you use a diy washing machine cleaner,this process will not harm your system and will give your machine a longer life.

This is the best way to clean your washing machine,it is Eco friendly and cost effective and is better.

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