SUV Comparison: MG ZS EV vs Tata Nexon EV

EVs, while once upon a time were a distant dream when it came to the feasibility of using them every day, that isn’t the case anymore. EVs are much more commonplace nowadays, thanks to a rising EV infrastructure as well as an increase in demand for alternate fuel sources. We take a look at two of the quintessential mass-market EV SUVs, that are the epitome of the capabilities of what EVs offer nowadays. These SUV EVs that we’re pitting against each other today are the Tata Nexon EV and the MG ZS EV.

So, which of these mass market EV SUVs is the better choice? Is the Tata cars’ Nexon EV the best value for money? Or does the MG cars’ ZS EV offer more with its premium pricing placement? Read on to find out in this quick EV SUV comparison!

Visual Appeal & Dimensions

The Tata Nexon EV, from its first variant, has been hailed as a good looking sub-four metre SUV. It looks quite similar to its ICE counterpart except a fair share of blue accents to set it apart.

Being a sub-four metre SUV EV, the Tata Nexon EV dimensions are 3993mm in length, 1811mm in width, and 1606mm in height. The Nexon EV has a wheelbase of 2498mm and a boot space of 350 litres.

The body silhouette of the MG ZS EV features an understated European design. Originally it looked quite similar to its ICE counterpart, but that quickly changed with an update of design elements and an EV-style body coloured front panel.

The MG ZS EV dimensions are 4323mm in length, 1809mm in width and 1649mm in height. The MG ZS EV also gets a larger wheelbase of 2581mm and a larger boot space of 470 litres.

EV Power: Battle of the Powertrains

The biggest differences between what the two EV SUVs offer probably lies here. There is a segment difference between the MG ZS EV and the Tata Nexon EV, despite them being close competitors.

The Tata Nexon EV specifications include a 127PS and 245Nm motor paired with a 30.2kWh battery pack. Currently this EV offers a driving range of roughly 312kms per charge.

On the other hand, the latest variant of the MG ZS EV now gets a 50.3kWh battery pack paired to a 174PS and 280Nm motor. Also, this configuration offers a driving range of 461kms per charge.

While the segment differences come into play here, as well as the prices, it should be noted that the Tata Nexon EV is slated to get a new variant (or replacement) this month which will get a larger battery pack of 40kWh and a roughly 400kms range. That said, this Nexon EV will also be priced higher than its current variant.

The Price Talk

Both the MG ZS EV and the Tata Nexon EV make quite the case for themselves. But much like their powertrain differences due to being offerings of different segments, so does the price make the difference obvious.

The Tata Nexon EV is a more mass-market offering than the premium MG ZS EV. It offers sub-four metre length, lesser range, and hence is priced as per that. The Tata Nexon EV price in India is ₹14.79 lakhs (Ex-Showroom), going upto ₹17.40 lakhs (Ex-Showroom).

The MG ZS EV on the other hand is 4 metre plus in size, and hence incurs taxes in India. But it is also a more premium offering, that gives more power and range than the Nexon EV. The MG ZS EV price in India is ₹22 lakhs (Ex-Showroom) and goes up to ₹25.88 lakhs (Ex-Showroom).

Verdict – Brilliant in their own Rights

The Tata Nexon has been an affordable EV offering in the Indian market for a while now. Thanks to Tata’s success in undercutting the competition, the brand is one of the first to make EV four-wheelers accessible in India. With the upcoming Tata Nexon 2022, the brand will take it a step further, offering more range.

MG Motor’s EV, the MG ZS EV, is a premium electric SUV. While it does compete with the Tata Nexon EV in some ways, it is clearly sitting an entire segment apart. It offers more of everything over the Nexon, but also demands a hefty premium over the Nexon.

This can be clearly seen in the MG ZS EV price, versus the Tata Nexon EV price. What can be said for sure though, is that both EVs offer something compelling to everyone. While the Tata Nexon EV offers something compelling on a tighter budget, the MG ZS EV is a premium, more-of-everything offering, that also comes with an appropriate price tag over the Nexon EV.

 For more information on the Tata Nexon EV and the MG ZS EV, feel free to check out autoX’s reviews and price section.

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