Tips to buying wholesale light bulbs in India

Purchasing light bulbs could be difficult as there are different sizes, shapes, types available in the market. Compared to retail purchases, buying wholesale light bulbs will always be quite beneficial for various reasons. While buying light bulbs, there are several things and aspects that you need to consider first. Without considering these aspects, you won’t be able to find the right bulb. 

Check bulb shape and size

Light bulbs come in different shapes and sizes. You need to choose a specific size and shape depending on where you are going to install it. If the bulb is too big or too small compared to the room where you are to use it, it will look inappropriate. This is the very reason you are supposed to choose the right size and shape of the bulb that you want to purchase. 

Consider the amount of brightness that you need

If you buy wholesale light bulbs, you need to consider how much brightness you need from the bulb. It would be beneficial for you to look for the number of lumens while looking for a bulb with the right brightness. It should not be too bright as compared to the room where it will be installed. It just needs to produce the right amount of brightness and illumination for your room.  Once you choose the bulb’s right brightness, it will create the perfect ambiance & beauty inside your home. 

Choose the right color of white

Light bulbs are to have a different color cast of white. Some lights could be either the warm yellow light of the normal incandescent light bulb or the blue light of the daylight. Light bulbs also could have the color of in-between of these two color shades. It would be best for you to look at color temperature to find the best color of white for your home. It will be advantageous for you while buying wholesale light bulbs

Consider types of light bulb

Various types and kinds of light bulbs are available. Each of these types has unique and distinct specifications. You are required to find the right type of bulb for your home. It would be great for you to look for the energy star level in the light bulb. These kinds of bulbs are generally tested for meeting energy efficiency standards. This label will help you decide on energy usage, lifespan, color, and brightness. 

Check out the specifications

It is also essential for you to check out the specifications of the light bulb while you are to buy wholesale light bulbs. Upon looking at the specifications, you will explore various features and the quality of the bulb. 

Choose the types

Last but not least, you must choose the type of the light bulb that you want to buy wholesale. There are different kinds of bulbs such as halogen, CFLs, LEDs, smart bulbs, etc. Each of these types is different and distinct than the other ones. It will be beneficial to find the right type of bulb. 

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