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The iPhone’s introduction in 2007 introduced millions of people across the globe to mobile apps, but few could’ve foreseen then that 14 years later, 88% of mobile phone time would be spent using apps. Whether you’re looking for gaming, fitness, socializing, streaming, shopping, food ordering, or just about anything else, there’s an app to help you. A huge thanks to app development companies.

With surging demand in mobile apps usage, the app development market is also growing increasingly crowded. The app industry’s revenue is projected to reach $935 billion worldwide by 2023. At this growth rate, it can seem impossible to stand out from the crowd. 

What should you do then to make your app reach the right audience and hit your growth targets? Well, mobile app marketers have already found several effective methods, and as a result, they spent $74.6 billion globally in 2020 to drive users to install mobile apps. 

Businesses that understand the importance of app marketing after product launch, are bound to see more money streaming in than their competitors. The right app marketing tools increase customers’ engagement in mobile devices across different platforms, channels, and OS’, and will give you the upper hand you need. 

What Is Mobile App Marketing and How Can It Help Your Company Grow?

Mobile app marketing generates attention for your mobile app, driving awareness, installs, and daily active user growth and retention. At its core, mobile app marketing is about interacting with your users through their entire app cycle, from when they first hear about your app to when they become a loyal and regular user.

The main reason to enter the mobile app marketing arena is to maximize your app’s reach, beat your competition, and secure your industry’s top spot in the App Store. Proven app marketing strategies ensure that your business generates more business, maximizes ROI, and ultimately thrives.

The 9 Best Mobile App Marketing Tools That Need Your Attention

There are various app marketing tools out there, and it’s crucial that you choose wisely to generate the desired results. We have handpicked 9 top-of-the-line app marketing tools that you can leverage to point your app in the right direction right now.

Google AdMob

Google AdMob is an easy-to-use tool for creating and placing engaging in-app mobile ads to generate more app downloads. Utilizing one of the biggest global advertising networks, it can fulfill your ad requests from everywhere in the world. Google AdMob keeps track of your ads’ performance and offers fast analytics and reporting traits so businesses can make more suitable choices for their app.

App Radar

App Radar is one of the best tools for App Store Optimization (ASO) (which is the fundamental step of app marketing). It allows you to search for keywords and volumes for keywords on app stores to help you improve your app’s store ranking and drive more installs. App Radar can help you target the right set of keywords for your app marketing.


As the name suggests, Inapptics is an app analytics tool that provides valuable insights to fuel your app marketing strategy. This tool enables you to explore what users are doing within your mobile app, revealing information on user behavior that will help you better understand and target your potential customers.


This is another brilliant tool that helps you personalize your marketing to improve your app campaign performance. Localytics is the secret behind the digital connections that brands have with their clients, allowing them to create strong and successful associations. A number of major brands, including Bose, HSN, The Weather Channel, and Comcast, leverage Localytics to strengthen their app.


AppsFlyer is a popular mobile attribution and marketing analytics tool utilizing the most accurate attribution data in the industry. It allows a marketer or business owner to attribute every touchpoint within the user journey. The accuracy of the data ensures that marketers can deliver reliable results. Its deep linking platform, “OneLink,” helps users create one link that directs users to the correct app page.


Branch is a useful, people-based mobile attribution, analytics, and deep linking tool that tracks a user’s activity across platforms and attributes conversions. Branch’s strong point is deep linking, allowing a link to link directly to a web page’s specific product. Branch enhances the perfect functioning of links regardless of the platform.


Flurry is a mobile analytic tool that monetizes and tracks the traffic of your app. Yahoo owns Flurry and offers real-time analytic services for Android, iOS, and Blackberry devices. Flurry is efficient in unearthing users’ information comprising demographics, average session length, number of active users, and more. The best part is this tool can be integrated with ease without much technical help.

Social Media

It may seem obvious, but it’s easy to underutilize such a crucial platform for marketers. By leveraging the power of Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, you can easily bring awareness of your app to your audience and can employ social media influencers to help your app reach your target users. You can also run relevant ads to reach millions of potential users.

Google Firebase

Firebase is an A/B testing tool that allows businesses to optimize their app experience by making it easier to not only run but also to scale product and marketing requirements. This tool enables marketers to test the changes occurring to the app’s UI, engagement campaigns, and features before rolling out the app.

The Bottom Line

Choosing the right app marketing tool can make or break your app marketing game and impact your business. Now you know about the top 9 app marketing tools, it’s time to pick the ones most pertinent to your business, optimize them, and gain an advantage over your competitors today!

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