Top Class Homestay Near Chikmagalur

If you want a relaxing vacation, think about visiting one of these top 10 locations.

Q Wildview Estate

On your upcoming group trip or business adventure, don’t pass up this all-inclusive homestay in Ballige, close to Sunkasaale, in the Chikmagalur district. It offers some of the best outdoor sports, the most genuine Malnad food, and the best Western Ghats views.

This homestay is located along a creek and gives a spectacular view of the Ballaraayanadurga mountain range, west of Chikmagalur town. It has its own waterfall on the estate and is located close to a number of waterfalls in the vicinity. Additionally, the homestay includes a sizable play area where visitors can participate in a range of activities. There are several. There is a lot of greenery and a specific area that has been designated for it, including Fruit and plants.The Wild View is one of the best homestay near chikmagalur.

Discovery Plantation Delights

This restaurant offers great home-cooked food and accepts private occasions. Every flat offers a magnificent view of a garden. Outdoor activities can be planned upon request. There are accessible non-smoking rooms available. They have a dining room where they all congregate. The resort is well known for its idyllic rural setting away from the hustle and bustle of the metropolis. The resort might help you arrange additional outdoor activities if you inquire. They have outside furnishings that you are invited to use for a lunch or gathering. The facility owner may agree to your request for a free bonfire if the majority of visitors to the resort make such a request.

Vistara County Chikmagalur

The resort in Vistara County is close to Anegudde Cross on Baskal Road. They are highly regarded for providing their guests with an unrivalled level of hospitality that you won’t soon forget. This resort in Chikmagalur is well known for the elegance it provides to its guests. You must make a reservation at Vistara if you and your family desire a first-rate vacation. The resort offers its guests a luxurious getaway within the Chikmagalur hills. The hotel’s location amidst a vast coffee plantation region provides guests with a breathtaking view and an open setting. Travelling through these coffee plantation areas would be even better.

Greenwood Resort

one of Chikmagalur’s well-known hotels. It assures comfortable living surrounded by nature and provides both online and offline booking choices. The resort offers welcoming bedrooms, spotless residences, and first-rate amenities to ensure your complete comfort while you’re there. Thanks to its cleaning staff, the resort is kept immaculately and is about 50 kilometres from Kadur Railway Station. The closest airport is 152 kilometres away from Green-Wood Resort. Additionally, they give weekend travellers exclusive discounts. They also provide a communal space with a fireplace to keep their guests occupied while they are there. You are welcome to play indoor board games at their coffee shop, which sells freshly brewed coffee from their own farm.

River Tern Lodge, Jungle Lodges, Lakkavalli

The best homestay close to Chikmagalur is surrounded by nature and animals, which make a wonderful combination. Based on the amenities it provides guests, the resort is rated as a 2-star facility and is said to be ideally situated in the Western Ghats in the picturesque city of Bhadra. Every flat in this building is immaculately maintained and outfitted with a variety of modern conveniences to make your stay comfortable. The hotel also has a game area, a yoga and meditation room, and a garden. The client might request to engage in outdoor activities like sailing, kayaking, water cycling, water trampolining, hiking, bird watching, mountain riding, and rock climbing.

Ozone Valley

Ozone Valley is located in a lovely setting and is encircled by coffee farms on all sides. It is the perfect destination for vacations, especially for weekend getaway seekers who want to escape the hustle and bustle of the city and unwind in a peaceful environment. While staying at this resort, you may easily enjoy the ambiance of the rainforest and coffee with a floral scent produced by locally grown coffee beans. The resorts additionally have a dining area, parking, room service, and a front desk. Throughout your visit, they are maintained clean and organised. This resort is one of the few in Chikmagalur with a pool. Additionally, there are swimming, hiking, and waterfalls nearby.

Gavikal Club & Resort

Near Chikmagalur, there is a homestay called Gavikal where guests may find out more about the customs, foods, and traditions of the residents. Since its debut in 2009, Gavikal has been providing services to visitors and has come a long way. It is renowned for both the unique arrangements it crafts and the tranquil setting it provides visitors. We heartily recommend this resort to everyone who enjoys being outside. Any apartment in our resort offers breathtaking views of the Western Ghats’ natural beauty. For those who don’t want to spend a lot on housing, this guesthouse is renowned for being an affordable option. Additionally, the proprietor of the facility could assist in setting up extra activities like motorcycling and bungee jumping in the Chikmagalur region.

The Serai Chikmagalur

The Serai Chikmagalur is situated in a lovely environment with the appropriate number of trees, lakes, and wildlife. It can be seen perched on a hill in the verdant Western Ghats. Its rich history includes both joyful and tragic events, as well as the impressions that various visitors have over time. While guests enjoy a selection of locally flavoured coffees in the lounge, many important discussions have taken place. This is what draws visitors to the guesthouse close to Chikmagalu; you can take pleasure in it and discover tranquilly.

Jhari Eco Stay

This is one of the best homestay near chikmagalur. The region has stunning scenery and captivating waterfalls. The property owner is free to organise any of the many planned guest activities at this location. This resort is located 18 km from Chikmagalur and is surrounded by nature. Bird viewing and nature treks are two of the resort’s most well-liked activities.

Trivik Hotels & Resorts Chikmagalur

A luxurious homestay near chikmagalur .They provide you the best dining and entertainment choices to make your stay memorable. It successfully combines fun and style. It mixes many of the pleasures of a wealthy living with the wildlife’s natural habitat. The staff at this resort takes extra precautions to ensure that you respect your environment, get along with your neighbours, and appreciate the tranquilly and natural beauty of the area.

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