Top Factor Which Makes Laravel The Best PHP Framework In 2021

All Php web development frameworks are good, so let me select anyone, I need a functioning website that’s it! Oh really? Do you need a functioning website only? What if I say gain immense business popularity from your website? what if I say, think more than having just a highly functioning website? Well, I agree with your point that all Php frameworks for website development are good with their unique perks and benefits. But it will not harm you to choose the top one that hits the digital ground with excellence.

Coming straight to the point, “Laravel is the Best PHP Framework”. How? Let’s get to know some hidden interesting facts about the Laravel web development framework that makes it an accurate choice by considering factors like cost, usability, and third-party integrations. Laravel has come into the limelight over recent years due to the extraordinary benefits its offers:

Undoubtedly, PHP offers numerous frameworks for you to build efficient applications, but Laravel is on the top. Let’s conclude why?

Greater Security

Laravel avails you of strict security as compared to other PHP frameworks. For eg, passwords cannot be saved as simple text. While login users will get an auto-generated token to avoid any unauthorized access. Be aware that Laravel uses the Bcrypt hashing algorithm to generate passwords.

Object-Oriented Libraries

Laravel supports several object-oriented libraries that you will not find in other Best PHP web development frameworks. One of the integral object-oriented libraries is named “Authentication Library” which helps developers to build responsive and high-end websites without any glitch.

Artisan Console

With the in-built command line known as Artisan, Laravel monitors the process that includes managing database migrations, publishing package assets, and generating boilerplate code.

Packaging System

To automate the process of custom web development, packaging systems support library management, and multiple software altogether. It plays a lead role to improve the web development project. Keep in your knowledge base that Laravel IDE helper and Laravel Debug Bar are the proven Laravel packages.

MVC Support

Laravel PHP framework is the strict follower of Model View Controller(MVC) based architectural pattern. MVC contributes to a faster development process and documentation. Do understand that MVC support factors play a lead role in the growing popularity of Laravel.

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Laravel offers a simply creative and unique configuration for the authentic and authorized system. This allows developers to build a highly-secured website for a great user experience.


Laravel framework introduces a powerful paginator that plays a splendid role in paginating entire data from the database. With the help of a paginator you can adjust, styles, change the URL parameters, or make other changes as per your need.

Cloud Storage

At last point but not in the last position. Cloud storage is an interesting aspect when it comes to creating web development with flexibility. It allows tech-savvy to work with Amazon S3 cloud space and Rackspace. This feature is the most loved one by developers.

What do we conclude?

So, we are at the end of our discussion now. Are you clear why I was focusing more on Laravel among all the other PHP frameworks? Well, this is something you just read and updated your knowledge base. But if you want to witness these benefits personally one of the top Hire Dedicated Laravel Developer now for your project and work closely with industry experts to take a deep dive.

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