What are Ikkat prints?

Ikkat or ikat printed fabrics and dresses look beautiful as they are made up of a distinct style in textile patterns. Prior to weaving the fabric sections, the yarns are resist dyed to create Ikat patterns. Ikat means a fabric in which before the weaving process the yarns have been tie dyed. Ikat is a dying technique that has originated in Indonesia. Ikat means ‘to bind’ in the Indonesian language.

The process of ikat is extremely difficult and requires a skilled craftsperson. The resist is created by binding bundles of yarn or individual yarn and applied with a tight wrapping in the pattern desired to make ikat prints. Then the tightly wrapped yarns are dyed. To create a new pattern the bindings can be altered again and the yarns may be dyed again with another colour. In order to produce multi-coloured and elaborate patterns this process can be repeated again and again. After the dyeing process all the bindings are removed so that the yarns can be woven into cloth.

The features of ikat textiles include blurry designs. This usually happens as the weaver has to face great difficulty in lining up the dyed yarns so the patterns come out flawlessly at the finished and ready cloth. The difference between other resist dyeing techniques such as batik and tie-dye is the resist can be applied to the woven cloth but in ikkat the resist is first applied to the yarns and then they are woven into a cloth. Ikkat print fabrics are very popular today because of their intricate and perfect designs. The blurriness of ikkat print dresses are a prized possession for textile collectors around the world.

The ikat making technique is called ikkat which has its origin in history around the world. For example, South America, Southeast Asia, and West Africa. Evidence can be found that about 200 years ago in the 19th and 20th century, high quality ikat textiles were produced in Asia.


Therefore, ikkat print fabrics have their own rich legacy. If you are fond of ikat print tops and ikat print dresses, you can easily find them online in the USA at the right prices instead of shelling out $200. For example, you can find a variety of ikat prints at Fledgling Wings. They also provide free returns only in the USA. So go ahead, give them a try. You can choose your favourite ikat patterns and prints.

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