What are the Core Features & Cost to Develop an App like Udemy?

The ongoing pandemic has changed the norms of the world. The rate at which the virus is spreading is nerve-racking, and people are finding solace at home. Various entrepreneurs are emerging with oh-so-awesome ideas, making lives easy and also garnering profits.

Education and eLearning are the fields that are highly in demand, and hence the need for apps like Udemy, an online learning app, has risen at an unprecedented rate. Folks are immensely liking and spending on learning through these apps, and this is very certain that even after the pandemic, this norm will continue. According to the survey, 60% of Internet users reported that online courses are preferable to fit their lifestyle and schedules. As an entrepreneur, if you are investing in on-demand app development, this is the most farsighted decision to lead in the race.  

Before hiring a mobile app development company to accomplish your task, let’s discuss some features and factors that affect cost. Although every app is unique and cost varies accordingly, some core features remain the same in all.

Few must-have features

These are the general features that are the necessity of any eLearning app like Udemy.

Student Registration

This feature requires learners to submit details like name, phone number, email id, etc., to use the app further. This also allows businesses to have a record of the visitors of their app.

Push notification

This feature will help you to share information related to updates and the latest courses with your users. In this hasty and hectic world, people tend to forget about an app quickly. Sending notifications is a potent tool to keep your users engaged with your app.

Payment Integration

This is a crucial feature that makes your app convenient for the user as well as the tutor. This feature acts as a channel to build trust with your users. So it must be secure and trustworthy. And the best way to do it is to choose the right vendor.

In-app Call/Chat

For enriching the convenience of usage, in-app calls or messages are mandatory. In-app calls or chats can help in resolving queries as classrooms.

Influencing Factors for Cost

Here are the factors on which the cost of your on-demand app like Udemy will depend.

Basic feature integration

You can not escape away from these factors. These are the mandatory ones, and this cost is unavoidable. Note that these features are elementary units of your app. These features are student registration, course search, payment integration, dashboard, rating, reviews, etc.  

Advanced Feature Integration

The whole sole purpose is to stand out from other competitors and not to become dime as dozens. Features like the integration of augmented reality make your app/website worth exploring for the users. These advanced features require highly qualified mobile app developers who will add to your overall cost.

Cost of App Design

An excellent UI/UX is the same as a cherry on the cake for your app. Depending on the complexities, the cost may be enhanced or reduced. You can contact a designer to get a clear picture of the price.

Mobile App Development Platform

The mobile app development cost depends on the platform for which you want to develop an app, and these platforms are iOS, Android, and Windows.

Mobile App Development Company

This factor becomes an influencing factor based on the hiring models of a company. Make sure that the company you choose offers you to hire their developers based on your requirements.

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In a nutshell,

To know the concrete and precise cost of developing an app like Udemy, hire a well-experienced Mobile app development company, and that can resolve all your doubts. Just be cautious before hiring your partners. An impressive eLearning app is no less than an elixir for your business. You never know your venture will be the next most searched out choice by the upcoming entrepreneurs to get the best business ideas. All the best!

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