What to include in ERP Software for SMB?

In this article, we will discuss what must be included in the ERP software, especially for the SMB i.e. small businesses. The modern ERP software provides a lot of features such as CRM, accounting, business intelligence, automation, management, inventory, manufacturing, supply chain management, analytics, reports, integration, and whatnot. The ERP system is mainly designed to bring together all the activities of your business unit to bring ease of working. It is specially designed to cross more functional areas in a single integrated system.

The ERP software i.e. enterprise resource planning not only helps the business owners to carry out activities easily but also helps employees to have more satisfaction and motivation. The ERP software uses a single centralized database that can provide all the data in real-time to the employees. This helps the managers and employees to make better decisions with the updated information and manage the entire supply chain, logistics and operations efficiently.

Numerous features can be included in the ERP software but not all of them are useful for your business unit. Remember having useful features is important not having a lot of features. Hence below are a few of the features that are useful for the SMB and must be included to simplify the activities.

Report generation 

One of the major features of ERP software can help to generate accurate and timely reports right from the centralized database of the business that help to easily plan and manage the customers as well as activities of your business.

Management sales and inventory 

The ERP keeps track of every activity of your business including the sales and inventory. This data helps to analyze and manage sales according to the existing inventory as well as helps to reduce the wastage of available stock by focusing more on them. With the real-time data, the managers also understand the availability of stock in inventory and take orders accordingly.

Customer support 

The ERP software helps small businesses to keep records of every customer. This can help the employees to quickly respond to customer queries, problems, feedback, or order-related inquiries with the integrated CRM feature. Also, it becomes easy to focus on the customer preferences by looking at their past orders and search history.

Control and assure quality 

The ERP software makes sure that the quality of every product is controlled and maintained. It includes the features to conduct quality control and quality assurance testing to make sure that the product is reliable and safe.

Transparent activities with improved visibility 

The ERP software allows the users to share the business information with every part of the business and also every employee gets access to the required data which reduces the requirement of re-entering the data again and again along with increasing the overall productivity.

Efficient activities 

The ERP software can also help to improve the activities of your business by effective planning, reduced expenses, satisfied customers, efficient sales, and inventory control. This helps to carry out activities accurately.

Tracking work cycles 

The work tracking feature of ERP software helps to understand and control the cycle time of every activity or product. This can help to find out any delays or errors in the existing plans and decide strategies for improvement.

Business-specific recommendations 

The ERP software can also understand the working of your business and the outside industry activities. The software can make recommendations as per the requirement of your business and offer advice and practices.

Manage orders and delivery 

The ERP software helps the small business to find the major reasons behind the sales order returns as well as help to decide the strategies to solve the issues. Also, it keeps a real-time tracking feature to provide the estimated delivery date to the customers of their ordered products. This can help manage the orders and also make sure that none of the delivery is skipped.

Follow latest trends 

The ERP software helps small businesses to understand the behavior of their customers and their preferences. The software can analyze the customer behavior patterns and predict their future preferences too. It can also help to understand their preferences through their past orders or search history.

Apart from this, the ERP software reports can also help to understand the reason behind reduced customer orders or the loss of customers.


These were a few of the major features that must be included in the ERP software of small businesses. These features help to carry out the tasks efficiently and smoothly without any third-party involvement.

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