What Your Sales Team Will Learn During a Microsoft Dynamics 365

As an organization if you happen to be using a solution other than Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, then perhaps you and your sales team might think of scheduling a Dynamics 365 Demo. Reason being, once you understand the capabilities and features that are available with Microsoft Dynamics 365, chances are you will waste little time in switching loyalties. Given below are the many benefits of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales that you will get to know and the various functionalities that it has to offer after scheduling a Dynamics 365 Demo.

  • Sales people will get to know during the demo how they can use real-time analytic and predictive modeling to set their sales pipeline in order.
  • They will learn how to strengthen relations by using the latest data and insights available from Office 365, Dynamics 365 and LinkedIn.
  • Sellers will be learn how to be most productive and know what the next best action is with regards to dealing with the customer.
  • They will be introduced to different ways to target the right audience through list segmentation and embedded intelligence.
  • Important sales related activities such nurturing leads through a multi-step multi-channel campaign will be explained in more detail.
  • How to track leads, enable collaboration and simplify lead handoffs are tasks that will be shown in the demo, to help sales people connect business processes and do better.
  • They will also learn to gather insights based on interactions with prospects and learn how to prioritize leads ready to buy with the help of multiple scoring models.
  • They will learn how to use insights and out-of-the-box dashboards to track and visualize marketing performance data.
  • They will learn to customize templates and use designer tools in the solution that offer an intuitive administrator experience.

Scheduling a Microsoft Dynamics 365 Demo will introduce sales personnel in that organization to some of the key components in Dynamics 365 for Sales:

  • Assistant: The feature integrates and analyzes all the information on Dynamics 365 Sales and then generates action cards that are subsequently displayed on mobile devices either in the form of a carousel or column in a web-based dashboard.
  • Auto Capture: The feature analyzes email messages in MS Exchange to find out all the messages relevant to the salesperson’s body of work. It then looks for messages either to or from relevant email addresses and passes on relevant messages in Dynamics 365.
  • Email Engagement: The feature helps create more effective email messages and reveals the nature of interactions prospects are having with them. Sales people will know how to most engaging prospects/customers.
  • Assistant with Studio: The assistant in Dynamics 365 has assistant feature capabilities and enhanced features as well, allowing the end user to create and display custom insight cards. Sales people will learn how to use Studio to both create custom insight cards using Microsoft Flow and configure prioritization and also how to review those cards.
  • Relationship Analytics: The demo will help understand how relationship analytics feature gathers information from D365 Sales for KPIs and activity histories to eventually display information in the form of a graph.

What these key components are and what role they essay is something that organizations and their sales teams will understand when they schedule a Dynamics 365 Demo.

Summary: These are the things that any Sales team working in an organization trying to generate revenue will get to learn when they sit in a Dynamics 365 Demo and understand Dynamics 365 for Sales.

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