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React Native is the most used technology among many business owners as it is an open-source framework that creates a smooth and natural user experience. It has in-built libraries and solutions, becoming more cost-effective. 

Popular brands, like Microsoft or Facebook, are already leveraging the features of React Native. The framework has in-built components, huge community support, faster app development, and more. 

If you want to uplift your business or brand name, you must consider React Native app development framework and stay competitive. 

The blog has talked about the top reasons why you should go with React Native to build a mobile app. However, before that, let’s see the basics of this framework.  

What Is React Native?

React Native is a JavaScript-based mobile app development framework used for creating high-performing mobile apps for cross-platforms. The framework develops apps with Native capabilities and maintains the code quality using analytical and demonstrative programming. 

The framework uses similar UI building blocks for developing Android or iOS mobile apps and ensures to delivery of a unified & streamlined user experience. The framework can also develop Oculus’s virtual reality (VR) apps. 

Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Select React Native for Your Mobile App Development

  • Hot Reloading

The hot reloading feature is the first reason you should avail of React Native app development services. This feature can easily refresh the app during the development stage. 

Hot reloading is a Hot Module Replacement (HMR) based feature that stores the updated files in the required field while apps functions in the back-end. The plus point of this feature is it approves the changes in the source code that developers can see. 

In other words, app developers can bring new versions into the file, making it more functional while making relevant modifications to the app’s user interface. 

  • Faster App Development

Another essential feature of React Native framework is the faster app development process as app developers write a single codebase in one go. They even make custom-made mobile apps that function on multiple platforms. 

You can launch the basic version of your mobile app, which is integrated with basic features to get an idea of how well your app will perform. With the passing of time, you can incorporate more advanced features and also get a quick time to market. 

Most importantly, writing a single codebase for a mobile app development eliminates the risk of bugs in mobile apps, resulting in quicker app development of an MVP. 

  • Simplified User Interface

If you want to attract your targeted audience, you must ensure to design an engaging app’s user interface. A mobile app with a visually appealing & interactive user interface can easily attract users and encourage them to explore the app further. 

The framework combines Native functionalities with React to develop an engaging user interface. As a result, it provides a simple user interface and delivers a flawless user experience. 

Since React Native has a JavaScript structure, making the growth process is more manageable. Along with this, the framework has informative components that create a unique UI of the app. 

  • Integration of Third-Party Plugins

One of the significant advantages of React Native is the third-party integrations that provide a wide variety of plugins to add multiple layers of functionality to the mobile app. App developers add different plugins to the Native module, which results in a faster app development process. 

Integrating third-party plugins, like Google Maps or multiple payment gateways, makes the mobile app user-friendly. 

  • Cost-Effective Framework

React Native uses a single codebase that makes automatically makes this framework cost-effective. Since app developers no longer have to write two separate codes for Android & iOS, which not only results in a quick app development process but also reduces the app development cost. 

Moreover, the framework has pre-built libraries that bring uniformity to the app’s UI and quickly deliver the mobile app solutions as per the business expectations. 


React Native app development can be the best choice for your mobile app development as it uses a single codebase. The framework can help your business to uplift as apps are highly scalable, secure, and reliable. 

You can hire a React Native app development company to build a mobile app for your business and meet your expectations.

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