Why MBA Marketing? Scope, Skills, Opportunities, Salary

Why MBA Marketing? Scope, Skills, Opportunities, Salary

Master of Business Administration (or MBA) is one of the most sought-after degrees across the world. The MBA program is usually two years in length and allows you to specialize in areas such as finance, marketing, operations management or human resource management.

The core marketing courses have seen an increase in popularity in recent years due to the wide range of job openings available. get more details Learn the reason MBA in Marketing is so popular among students and also why it’s a desirable choice for employers. 

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It is possible to increase your employment prospects and increase the possibility of a higher salary by pursuing an MBA. MBA is a multi-faceted education that allows you to develop both your technical and non-technical capabilities. 

The professional connections you make at B-school will stay with you all of your time. They will you in your career. The list of skills MBA will assist you to grow.

If you’re contemplating an MBA it is essential to think about the benefits of pursuing certain courses. Here’s an overview of the benefits when you choose a specification in marketing.

What is the reason? MBA in Marketing

Greater Career Advancement Opportunities

An MBA in Marketing could assist you in getting promoted to an executive or management position within your current organization. With an emphasis on leadership and communication, postgraduate marketing programs let graduates easily advance into marketing positions.

These skills are crucial to any senior-level job regardless of whether you’re looking for business development, media entertainment, marketing, and entertainment, general management or advertisement. Technology has further augmented the field of marketing with the addition of creative areas and new job profiles.

Earn More Cash

A master’s degree can boost your income. Payscale says that the average annual salary for MBA holders working in marketing can range from Rs 35,000 up to R 20 lakh depending on their rank, company and sector. 

Tata Consultancy Services is one of the top recruiters. There are even FMCG firms like P&G (HUL), Marico (P&G), and international agencies such as Ogilvy DDB Mudra Dentsu McCann Erickson, Ogilvy, Dentsu, McCann Erickson, and Ogilvy are among the top recruiters. 

Marketing graduates who have been hired.

Moreover, reputed technology firms like Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Oracle, SAP, IBM, Salesforce hire MBA talent for several marketing posts. There are numerous job duties that pay high wages. Learn more about MBA salaries in India.

Knowledge Enhancement

MBA Marketing degrees are designed to help students master fundamental business courses, and also add marketing-specific electives. Fundamental subjects include finance, accounting corporate management, organizational behaviour.

On the other hand, elective courses are focused on areas like consumer behaviour, market research, brand management and strategic selling.

A marketing manager could be responsible for analysing demand or performing a Cost-Volume-Profit analysis to determine break-even levels. This is where the knowledge you gained from your B-school will be of great use.

 This program is designed to help you gain the foundational knowledge of management and marketing ideas. The knowledge gained can be applied across various fields of work and industry.

Avenues for Skill Development

MBA students in the field of marketing have gained a lot of attention because of their broad knowledge base. Your experience at the B-school will help you improve your analytical capabilities, your communication ability, and the ability to manage and execute the strategic project.

Because the curriculum is based on projects and assignments that require you to collaborate with others, your problem-solving skills as well as your interpersonal skills are improved. 

Additionally, you will be working under tight deadlines and subject to continuous evaluation. This will help you prepare for the workplace.

Enriched Job Responsibilities

Marketing is a huge field that has a myriad of sub-sectors. It is possible to be in the following jobs in any industry that require an MBA in marketing:

Marketing Manager

Help in the design of marketing strategies and aid in the process of attracting and keeping customers.

Market Research Analyst

Analyzes data to discover conclusions and comes up with methods to gather it. In the end, he/she will pass the information onto the team responsible for business development. Analysts play a vital supporting role in the development of marketing strategies.

Media Planner

Assisting with planning and selecting the right advertising media. In close collaboration with the marketing department to meet the goals.

Brand Manager

Responsible for promoting and researching the brands.

Sales Manager: Establishes sales targets, monitors the customer service and supervises distribution.

Digital Marketing Manager

The company’s digital presence is managed. It also oversees its marketing campaigns on internet platforms as well as other channels. It comprises SEO, Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click (PPC), Content Marketing as well as other channels.

One of the major benefits of getting an advanced marketing and business degree and certification is that a variety of fields are accessible to entry upon completion of your degree. 

You can be employed within the FMCG sector, IT industry, consultancy marketing, retail, banking hospitality, and take on academics. Both the public and private sectors have openings for job applicants.

Technology has also made it easier to conduct remote and internet-based marketing. The Digital revolution is still changing the world that we are living in, and changing how we interact and shop.

The Marketing Hiring Trends Report from Hubspot shows that there has been a dramatic increase in the number of people employed in digital marketing as well as traditional roles in marketing. 

The scope of marketing will only increase even more. When the market grows and there is a high demand in general, demand for marketers in the near future.

The Wrapping Up

With these points in mind, it is easy to understand why MBAs in marketing are the ideal choice for the current business climate. MBA programs that focus on marketing can be completed online or on-campus in Indian colleges. 

Before you decide to enrol in any of the programs it is essential to research your options and evaluate all of the pros and cons. The information above to help you to make a decision.

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